Month Of Giving And Forgiving 2019 – A Period Of Awakening…

The month of March 2011…held a lot in its tender bosom…that spilled into April 2011 too. For, a Divine Decision rocked the Cosmos, the Earth particularly and rendered all beings, the environment hapless and helpless. None can fathom His Ways…we can only accept, introspect, inspect, churn the inner core…and offer our all as a dedication to this most Supreme of all Incarnations, Whose Life was and remains His Message…and…await a response in silence. Until then, may His Compassion be our mission…with a prayer…sincere and true – Santushti for Samastha Srushti…Peace and Contentment…Kindred Harmony for all of creation…for this definitely pleases the Creator, writes ‘Mother Sai Poet’ Sri Jullie Chaudhuri, listing out the month-long ‘Sadhana-Aradhana’ schedule as directed by the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations – India. 

What i feel for Beloved Bhagawan…
…is beyond me to define,
The ears long to hear Him,
The eyes fill to the brim…
The heart, mind and soul…
…knows His Presence…
…through the moments of each day,
He gave me Life…He is my Life,
He gave me Love…He is my Love…
Mother, Father, Friend and Dearest Companion,
Mata, Pita, Bandhu, Sakha,
An incessant loving touch,
Unknown to us…
He shields us from so much,
What He took upon Himself is known only to Him,
None can decipher nor defy His Will and Whim,
He is the Law Maker of the Universe…
…And He is the Universe,
If He confers a blow seemingly terse…He can also reverse,
Should we falter and swerve when…
He equitably each and every bit and being…
…does continue to serve…?
This span of time…let us all -
Ruminate, reflect, ponder, speculate,
Deliberate, Meditate -
What have we done, not done…
…left undone…?
Time to pause the journey that had begun,
With a look from Him,
Let us offer each moment of our life as a dulcet rhythm…
…a sublime melodious hymn to Him…

Mar 24
 and Patience is what pleases Sai immensely.
So, today let me begin my day with complete focus on Shraddha…and live out the blessing of Saburi.

Mar 25
Love All, Serve All ka asli Mahatva…?
Through the moments of this day I must ponder upon the ‘all’ in this profound message and in selfless service my time engage.

Mar 26
Scorching summer heat. Let me quench the extreme thirst of all those in need –
Water bowls for birds and animals in my garden/surroundings/ neighbourhoodWater bottles to adults/children seeking alms at signals and other places/construction site.

Mar 27
Narayan Seva
…is a blessed opportunity to feed the Lord Himself…in the guise of the many in creation. Grains to the birds, food to animals, cooked meals to appease the hunger of fellow humans, homeless or otherwise.

Mar 28
All the love Bhagawan showers upon me as a Mother, Father, Bandhu, Sakha…Sai Natha. Let me share it from dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn through Acts of Random Kindness…becoming a Radiant Ray in Sai’s ARK!

Mar 29
Matru Devo Bhava/Pitru Devo Bhava – our parents gave us their life, time, soul and support. 
Make parents, all the elderly people I know and come across feel so, so special. Spend quality time at a Home for the Aged and verbally adopt a lonely old soul as a parent or grandparent.

Mar 30
Acharya Devo Bhava.
Gratitude to Sai Gurudeva, Lord Surya – the supreme example of a true Karma Yogi. Seek a link between the radiance of the inner sun and the outer sun for an illumined existence. Appreciation to all those from whom I have learnt even a tiny lesson.

Mar 31
Gratitude from the core.
To Bhagawan for known and unknown blessings, to the Cosmos, to the Motherland, to the five elements and the sense organs, the body, ancestors, family, pets, to life and all that forms an intrinsic part of living – domestic helpers, appliances, vehicles, etc.

Apr 1
Spend time in deep reflection and introspection.
Bhagawan has blessed me with so much, what have I done with it or overlooked to do…have I given life, my family, the society, the country, the world and universe…my very best?

Apr 2
Deeply let go and forgive myself and all those I hold any resentment or a grudge against, for as Swami says – This quality of Kshama (forgiveness) is the greatest power for a human being.

Apr 3
Interactive quality time with children. Learn from them as well as open them to values and ethics through activities that would benefit them as well as the society. Spend time at an orphanage.

Apr 4
Respect and Appreciation for Mother Nature/Motherland. Learn lessons of ceaseless giving without expectations. Plant saplings, adopt and nurture trees. Prevent felling and hacking of trees. Live and let live.

Apr 5
Sacrifice all negative emotions into the tender flame of Selfless Love 
so that Beloved Bhagawan’s Magnanimous All Encompassing Prema may flow to me and through me to all those around me!

Apr 6
Truth beyond Ego
Let Sathya be my companion during the hours of this day. Let me breathe in and out the Sathya of Sai…har shwas mey Sai Ki Sacchai! Then may I ponder – What is my Truth?

Apr 7
The Sun, the elements, the rivers…everything in the Universe is following a dharma devotedly…today let me reflect on my personal dharma…and to Dharma be true!

Apr 8
Inner harmony ensures outer peace. Intensify an inner synchronisation so as to exude peace that benefits me, my loved ones and the world. Be happy throughout the day. Spread inner joy and the cheer of happiness to one and all.

Apr 9
A feeling subtle yet voluminous. Maitri Bhav – kindred harmony. All through the moments of this day, let my thoughts, words and deeds be drenched in the fountain of Ahimsa!

Apr 10
Only in the depths of Silence…can the voice of God be heard. Quieten the noisy
chitter-chatter of thoughts as well as unnecessary words, practise and bathe in the vibrant energy of Sailence and Sai.

Apr 11
Curb excessive participation in social media
. Indulgences in forwarding ‘Forwards’ often takes people backwards into the clutches of fear. Prayers promote Peace. Pray more & harmony restore for soldiers, farmers, labourers, doctors, police and politicians that sadhbhav may prevail.

Apr 12
Trash it! Garbage belongs in the bin! I should focus on inner cleansing as well as outer swachhta. Trash the trash from the mind and environment.

Apr 13
Respect for rivers.
Pledge to participate in the campaign to clean rivers. Spread the crucial message – Polluting and littering of rivers and other water bodies is a BIG NO!

Apr 14
Focus on enhancing cosmic connection, truly priceless, no price tag attached – the ‘Innernet’…and download the ‘SaiApp’ to benefit from the constant channelling of complimentary guidance and wisdom.

Apr 15
Can any animal or bird be called a ‘stray’…when every being belongs to Mother Sai? Swami once referred to a village dog as – Shuddha Atma and ordered, “Feed Kuttan first!” Care of animals in respective areas – feeding, spaying, dressing of wounds, medication or any veterinary assistance. Learn loyalty and gratitude.

Apr 16
Shun scorn, open up to Oneness beyond I, Me and Mine. Respond not react. Don’t try to own the last word. Patience with self and others in the midst of traffic jams, whether concerning the mind, emotions, people or vehicles.

Apr 17
Discover the most significant meaning of SIM card – Sai In Me. This sentiment fills the heart with delight bringing joy to all, as it helps connect to the Sai in me with the Sai in all those around me!

Apr 18
Be a good listener
, help a person vent the reservoir of feelings, stress, etc. Refrain from giving any opinion or try to control anyone, be it a family member, friend, colleague or just anyone else.

Apr 19
Honest self scrutiny
, antah karan mey jhank kar, face and uproot negative qualities obstructing spiritual growth. Awaken to the word ‘Spiritual’ – true to the spirit, beyond mundane, mechanical rituals!

Apr 2o
No to ‘Wifi’, spotlight on ‘Why Not Sai?’ 
Study Sai Literature, spend time in Sannidhi with Sai…the Supreme Absolute Infinite…yet, so close – Swami And I. Understand the Essence of Sai, enhance love, empathy, sympathy, tolerance.

Apr 21

No indulgence in Blame Game. No standing on Judgement. No Gossip. Rise above criticising, grumbling and dwelling in the past. Learn lessons, accept, adjust, appreciate and move ahead in the Now.

Apr 22
An Eternal Commitment –
Contemplate the immeasurable vastness of Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu…Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu. Peace for the sentient, insentient, incarnate or disincarnate in all the realms and spheres. Know the Supreme Creator in every atom of creation.

Apr 23
Your Compassion my mission
The constant flow of Your Love, Mercy, Understanding my lesson. With conscience as my guide let me be beside each being that needs me…just as You are, Swami.
Santushti for Samastha Srushti.

May the dawn of 24th April culminate in the adoration offered each day ushering in an awakening…an ascension…so necessary for creation. I have pledged my endeavours. Will you join me in this dedication…offering everlasting love and earnest allegiance to our Beloved Lord?

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II