Sai Lent…The Period Sai Lent Us…

Prof. Kasturi, Bhagawan’s chosen biographer had rightly described HIM as The InCredible, The InExplicable, The InScrutable… When His biography was on the anvil, He alone guided Him to title it in the most perfect way ‘Divinity deserves’, Sathyam Sivam Sundaram. As the Sai fraternity is traversing through the Sai Lent phase of His earthly sojourn, a period Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations – India earmarked for intensified Sadhana, let’s us listen to Sri Jullie Chaudhuri on the significance of Sai Lent, The Period Sai Lent Us…

A most Holy Incarnation,
Made Earth spectacularly glisten,
How fortunate are we all…
…to have watched,
God walk the Earth,
Of Benedictions and Blessings a Cosmic Burst,
In response to plaintive pleas and many a cry,
From saints, sages, those meek, helpless and weak,
So too the appealing sighs of Mother Earth,
Any longer,

How could the Lord delay or deny,
Came about the Advent of the Supreme,
The Supreme Advent of Sathya Sai…

The decades flew by,
With mystical sagas, leelas and miracles,
That did and do still stun and stupefy,
His Mercy and Compassion,
Continues to touch zillions of lost hearts and souls,
And their life sanctify,
A Mystifying Mystery,
Indescribable, Incomprehensible,
None can describe nor classify,
For the Divine can only be experienced,
Unfathomable to finite human minds,
That’s Beloved Mother Sai…

And then,
Sooner than soon,
Unexpected, Sudden and Abrupt,
Came ‘that’ million volt electric jolt,
Love My Uncertainty were His oft repeated words,
Thus came about a Divine Decision…
…a purposeful interlude for the Sathya Sai Incarnation,
From the Physical…the Avatar chose to disappear…
Only to appear…
…in each intensely intent heart,
Homework had been assigned with Divine Content,
Lessons had to be learnt,
Enough time had been spent,
His Children had to let go, grow, learn and become,
That which He wanted them to become,
This was the intimation of a cosmic test by Beloved Mother Sai,
From each cocoon had to emerge a beautiful butterfly,

Overcoming each obsession and obstructing flaw,
Consequently, the Omniscient Master chose to withdraw…

March 2011 was packed with a lot,
The Lord decided to bless the SSSIHMS,
Choosing to reside therein till April 24th 2011,
Then…the Form melted into Its Own Radiance,
That we may seek within,
Correct, Connect, Cleanse, Ascend…

And so,
The significance immense of this time span,
Sai Lent…the duration Sai lent us all,
A Period to draw in an Awakening,
Wake up to a sublime way of living and being,
The finesse of enlightened existence…
…aesthetics and ethics…
…brimming magnanimity and largesse,
Bless our souls with the true spirit of Oneness,
Breathe kindred harmony with all beings,
Give, give, give,

Santushti For Samasth Shristi…
Peace and Amity…
For all that exist in creation…
…such sentiments are imperative,
Let us exude the attitude of Live and Let Live…

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II