Oh! Beloved India…My Cherished Motherland…All Glory Unto You…

The Land that was acclaimed by The Avatar Of The Age as the Land Of Sacred Beauty, the Land that was chosen by Avatars in the history of mankind for hosting Divine Advent, that Land is verily the ‘Holiest Of Holy’ is Bharat, Motherland India. Children of Bharath we are, have we ever understood Her, Her worthiness and Her sacrifice? On an occasion when all Indian hearts load with patriotic feeling and devotional passion, let us pay tribute to our Holy Motherland, with a prayer that, may every Indian heart beat with great pride and love for Motherland India…a poem by Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri on the occasion of 63rd Republc Day of India.

To seek the grace of the Beloved One,
For Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu

Sukhadam Varadam Mataram,
Vande Mataram…
Oh! Mother, Bestower of Bliss and Conferrer of Boons,
I bow down to Thee… 

Oh! Land of my birth,
Many a nation have I visited of rare worth,
Of wondrous landscapes around the globe,
There is no dearth,
Yet, a mention of your name,
And with great joy the soul does exclaim,
An inner delight that does proclaim,
A sense of belonging,
A – ‘I have always been here’-
That indefinable feeling,
Grateful am I to Beloved Bhagawan,
For this bounteous blessing,
Oh! Motherland, I have forever been your offspring…

Upon your holy soil you granted me a home,
Showering your abundance,
Accepting me as your very own,
This soil ever so pure,
This sacred earth,
Upon which innumerable Avatars chose to take birth,
Has nurtured ever so many a valiant hero,
To those seeking shelter,
You have never said ‘no’,
Full of patience and tolerance,
A storehouse of virtue,
How could have I neglected to say,
‘Oh! Motherland, 
All Glory Unto You’,
Overlook my follies,
It may not seem as though I do,
But I do,
I do love you…

How can I express my gratitude?
Do I have the right attitude?
The courage,
The loyalty,
The devotion and reliability?
That earnestness,
That selflessness,
That absolute fervor,
That did many a brave heart stir,
Fertile fields, Mountains that shield,
Rivers that roar and flow,
Ocean that gently caresses your shore,
A variety of marine life, flora and fauna,
Exquisite blooms, plants and trees,
Many a heady fragrance wafts in your breeze,
All religions here thrive together,
Blessings of the Ancient Ones do them tether…

How could have I overlooked all this?
How could have I turned,
Self centered and selfish?
My adoration of you,
How could anything pilfer and allow to perish?
How could have I let patriotic feelings,
Dilute and diminish?
What a shame to our forefathers who were true nationalists…

A host of scholars upon your lap you did raise,
Saints, Scientists, Artists,
That set your glory ablaze,
Ever so many sang your praise,
Forgive me for turning ingrate,
Trample, pollute, denigrate and berate,
Accountable am I for many an offence and excess,
Guilty am I that I do grab and hoard,
When I can share what I possess, 
With those who can’t afford,
Forgive me, excuse my transgressions,
Aggressions, Indiscretions,
Complete lack of attention,
Oh! Motherland accept my confessions,
My heartfelt salutations, 
Enough have I taken you for granted,
Now instead,
Corrections I need to make in my own attitude,
To shower upon you ultimate gratitude, 
And reciprocal abundance,
Love and reverence…

You did lament and sigh,
Disregarded by us all as the years rolled by,
But the Lord knew your worth,
And hence upon this land He deemed fit,
To take birth,
And to all be known as Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai,
You, He did value,
Oh! Motherland,
Incomparable are you,
No treasure can outweigh you,
Nor exists any beauty that can surpass you,
Oh! Beloved India, my Cherished Motherland,
There is none like you,
Here and now I promise to do,
My utmost for you,
To make your dream, 
Of ‘harmony for all’ come true,
I pray that may every Indian heart,
Beat with great pride and love for you,
To seek the grace of the Beloved One,
For Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu, 
Oh! Land of my birth,
Overlook my follies,
Oh! Beloved India,
It may not seem as though I do, 
But I do,
I do love you…
Oh! Cherished Motherland All Glory Unto You…

Jai Hind!