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He Belongs To All

How often do we judge Him, judging the actions of the attribute-less Supra-Supreme Divine Persona walking on two Feet, out of sheer, crass ignorance?!? For a devout soul ripe enough for learning, He sends the right message across, often in His own inimitable style, only to help the devotee evolve slow and steady, grade by grade, to a higher level of consciousness. Read on such a revealing experience from the diary of Sri Arun Kumar Panda of Odisha, as chronicled in his book Rasamayee Maa. (edited version)I don’t precisely recall the month, but the year was 1971. I had travelled from Delhi for Swami’s Darshan and would be returning there. I was sitting in the portico of the Mandir at about 2 pm alone on the day of my return journey. read more »

Loving His Uncertainty

Can uncertainty become an impediment in one’s spiritual life? Bhagawan’s oft-repeated axiom, Love My Uncertainty, should come in the practical front in the life of an earnest seeker, seeking Him in his/her pursuit for liberation. Dr (Ms) Radha Hanumai Garuda once had to take such a plunge to dash to Bhagawan’s Presence from the US, leaving her family, leaving the country without a return ticket, post receiving an inner call negating all uncertainties…extracted from her recently published book, Sri Sathya Sai – The Inner Divine.  read more »

Locking Eyes With The Lord

What is that incomparable beauty of Sri Sathya Sai Darshanam, when one is blessed to immerse in the Beauty Beyond Compare Ultimate Divine with absolute focus, only to get the bonus blessing of the ultimate beauty of ‘Locking Eyes With The Lord’? Sri ‘Kadu’ Balasubramanyam Parasuraman, an alumnus at SSSIHL, narrates his perception and experience on ‘Locking Eyes’ With The Supreme Lord, narrating a beautiful Brindavan darshan session…as extracted from his recently published book, ‘My Loving Swami’.  read more »