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Kerala Sevadal are blessed!

Today, on this final evening of the month of January, Bhagawan arrived at 1850 hrs. in His car blessing the audience with His Divine Darshan.

Coming on to the dais after a full round, Bhagawan blessed some of the senior faculties of the Institute, tossing Vibhuti packets unto them, with interactions. Reading a prayer from Editor, Sanathana Sarathi, Telugu, Bhagawan continued with His blessing spree before adorning the dais, assuming His seat. In the meanwhile, outgoing Sevadal batch, both men and women, from Kerala was filing into the hall, that had an exclusive session in the Poornachandra Auditorium in the evening.

As bhajans continued, Bhagawan turned busy with devotees’ letters till He accepted Mangala Arathi at 1925 hrs. The session was far from over. Tossing a Vibhuti packet, Bhagawan beckoned one of the singers for a conversation that lasted for a few minutes; He continued with a couple of more boys. Bhagawan whispered, boys listened and responded and the packed audience in the backdrop of pin-drop silence, except for occasional coughings, sat enjoying the session thoroughly. The session came to an end with Bhagawan leaving the dais at 1940 hrs. to retire to Yajur Mandiram at 1945 hrs. Before leaving the dais Bhagawan raised both of His hands in ‘abhayahasta’, blessing the audience.

Earlier, in a fresh initiative that Prasanthi witnessed today, the outgoing batch of sevadals from the state of Kerala was blessed with an exclusive session in the Poornachandra Auditorium. The highlight of the session was Bhagawan’s physical presence towards the end of the session. Showing up at 1840 hrs., Bhagawan came down the ramp to take His seat on an elevated platform granting closer Darshan. After interacting with the State President of the Organisation, Bhagawan blessed three ladies from the group with interactions before blessing the entire group with Prasadam. Accepting Mangala Arathi, then Bhagawan left for the main darshan venue, Sai Kulwant Hall. Earlier, the session commenced at 1630 hrs. with an hour long video presentation on Bhagawan’s Advent.


This weekend Sunday evening had Bhagawan emerging at 1805 hrs., coming into the hall in His car.

As bhajans continued, Bhagawan completed His round of darshan before coming on to the dais in ten minutes. For the next twenty minutes He busied Himself going through devotees’ letters before turning His attention on to the higher secondary boys who were awaiting to grab yet another evening from Bhagawan seeking blessings for various projects. Bhagawan blessed all of them spending time with each one. Birthday benedictions followed.

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Academics, Birthdays and Sketches!

Emerging at 1845 hrs., this evening, as Bhagawan’s Divine Carrier took the pathway in Sai Kulwant Hall , devoted public yet again got into frenzy mood, this time tussling with their own selves to catch a precious glimpse of The Lord! Catching the mood, Bhagawan, from His side, was seen tossing Vibhuti packets ‘at random’.

After a slow and steady round of darshan Bhagawan alighted at the Verandah to get into the Interview Room. A brief pause ensued before Bhagawan emerging out of the Interview Room. Gliding past the upper verandah, Bhagawan arrived on stage at 1910 hrs. and bhajan was in full swing. Interacting with one of the devotees in the front row, Bhagawan showed up on the stage, a ‘feast’ public thoroughly missed for last couple of days. He had a couple of letters on His lap and soon got Himself busy, reading them.

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This evening, at 1840 hrs., Sai Kulwant turned fully lit and scenting His arrival the packed house went into a frenzy, realigning to order, welcoming The Lord.

Bhagawan arrived in His car and took a detour driving outside from the main entrance. The house continued with singing bhajans and an hour passed before it welcomed Bhagawan once again at 1947 hrs. Even as Bhagawan entered in, He stopped for a while at the centre before asking for Mangala Arathi. With arathi on, Bhagawan’s car moved on to the gents’ side, this time completing the earlier incomplete round of Darshan. Completing the round Bhagawan’s car sped past heading to Yajur Mandiram, at 1952 hrs.

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This evening Bhagawan granted one of the shortest darshan sessions. Emerging at 1905 hrs. in the car, even as Bhagawan arrived on the Verandah outside the Interview Room, He blessed a veteran devotee calling him unto the car to bless him with Vibhuti Prasadam. Remaining in, Bhagawan asked for Mangala Arathi and with Arathi on, offered jointly by the priest and the senior devotee as commanded by Bhagawan, Bhagawan’s car moved further, cutting across the lower verandah, moving into the gents’ side. Sai Kulwant Hall had a packed audience and as Bhagawan’s car moved at a snail’s pace, taking a ‘reverse’ round, devotees at the gents’ side went into a frenzy repeating the refrain, “Jai Bolo…” in devotional fervour. At the ladies’ side Bhagawan blessed many lucky ones from the Primary School tossing Vibhuti packets, as He moved past. read more »

International Music Programme

Emerging at 1820 hrs., this evening, Bhagawan came on stage at 1840 hrs. after a full round of darshan. A combined music programme by devotees from two different nations, Czech Republic and New Zealand was scheduled for the evening. During His darshan round, Bhagawan spent awhile at the front block interacting with the combined troupe. read more »

Music College Programme

Making an ‘early-entry’ at 1805 hrs. Bhagawan ascended the dais in the Sai Kulwant Hall in twenty minutes after a full round of blessings this evening here in Prasanthi Nilayam. During the darshan round Bhagawan spent awhile at the front block listening to a prayer from the students from Music College.

Carnatic lover that Bhagawan is, Prasanthi have heard umpteen references about the Poet Saint Thyagaraja from Bhagawan Himself. Music College students, knowing the pulse of Bhagawan and following the tradition in carnatic fraternity, that celebrate Thyagaraja Aradhana during this period, had a prayer at Bhagawan to bless them to offer a musical bouquet in the name of the Poet Saint.

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When science was blessed!

When ‘waiting’ turned out to become ‘penance for His lordly entry’, Prasanthi experienced the bliss of a longer spell of bhajans, invoking and awaiting The Lord, today, here on this weekend evening. Celestial rhythms of bhajans emanated in soulful tunes was overlaid with great devotional fervour and Prasanthi revelled in the opportunity of the extended hour, invoking her Lord. Bhagawan made His entry at 2015 hrs. and went for a full round of darshan.

The large gathering in the evening has been reinforced by the outgoing contingent of sevadals from the state of Kerala. Adding to this was the Primary School children, showing up on their Sunday Darshan Special.

Bhagawan’s ‘slow-going’ round found hundreds upon thousands, in their devotional frenzy, vying for a closer glance. As He moved through the students’ block, Bhagawan blessed the day’s birthday beneficiaries at the boys side followed by His special attention at the Primary block. He further moved into the ladies’ side, for an ‘extra mile’, a regular feature these days, that has formed part of His ‘full round’ of Darshan.

Ascending the dais at 2035 hrs. Bhagawan got into attending to devotees’ letters and bhajans rose in an exuberant swell filling the packed assembly with powerful vibrations.

Upon finishing the letters, Bhagawan accepted Mangala Arathi at 2055 hrs. Even as Bhagawan sat glancing at the students post Arathi offering, +2 students of higher secondary wing made a beeline unto Him seeking blessings with their computer science projects. Bhagawan, with atmost love and compassion, leafed through the project records, and quite interestingly, was seen passing comments and suggestions in between. At the end Bhagawan also blessed the teacher in-charge of the Computer Science Department at the School.

The day was not over yet. A group of students turned up with a huge greeting that was followed by a couple of birthday blessings. Finally it was the turn of a boy who had a prayer, whispered into His ear. Bhagawan’s actions are ‘awe-intersting’ and a treat to watch. Our Lord, in a swift response to the prayer, removed the boy’s spectacles to bless his closed eyes with His tender finger touch! Lo! it was a sight to see as not very often we get to watch such rare actions in public, a demonstration of God’s Motherly Love! Bhagawan blessed the boy profusely, spraying yellow rice that was followed by a short interaction.

It was 2125 hrs. and Bhagawan left the dais into the interview room. Emerging at 2130 hrs. Bhagawan left for Yajur Mandiram, retiring for the day.


Granting an early darshan Bhagawan arrived at 1805 hrs. to soulful tunes this Saturday evening here in Prasanthi Nilayam. As He moved past the pathway at a slow pace many received His blessings that included the birthday beneficiaries, both senior students and the little

ones from Smt. Easwaramma English Medium School. Distinct voices of the ‘little one’s’ from the school were heard, who sang with great enthusiasm. Coming on to the Verandah Bhagawan continued with His blessing spree as a couple of devotees earned His diligent attention.

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Dispassion and Compassion

Winter has loosened its grips in the township and the day has been warm with a temperature of 28°C. As the day progressed into evening, it was the ‘warm’ feeling of expectation of The Lord’s darshan that overweighed the ‘warm – weather- feeling’, today here in this Prasanthi township.

Beginning the day’s story, this evening, Bhagawan arrived just after 1830 hrs. to go for a full round of darshan before appearing on the dais at 1850 hrs. As He adorned the dais men and women turned glued to the radiant Divine Form, while bhajans led by the students filled the air with devotional verve. The capacity audience followed the singing, focal point being the centre of attraction adorning the dais. Showcasing His dispassionate face Bhagawan sat on, reading through the day’s mail from devotees, occasionally raising His head glancing at the assembly. The status continued for the first half-an-hour till Bhagawan finished reading the letters.

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