This weekend Sunday evening had Bhagawan emerging at 1805 hrs., coming into the hall in His car.

As bhajans continued, Bhagawan completed His round of darshan before coming on to the dais in ten minutes. For the next twenty minutes He busied Himself going through devotees’ letters before turning His attention on to the higher secondary boys who were awaiting to grab yet another evening from Bhagawan seeking blessings for various projects. Bhagawan blessed all of them spending time with each one. Birthday benedictions followed.

Then came the turn of the tiny tots from the Primary School. Little ones in small groups swarmed unto Bhagawan seeking blessings, and each one of them was holding something or other to be blessed. Bhagawan with atmost love and patience spent time with each of the groups, blessing all with Vibhuti Prasadam and Padanamaskar. The session lasted for half-an-hour.

Bhagawan then moved into the interview room for a brief pause before emerging in another ten minutes. Following the ‘day before pattern’, Bhagawan glided past the upper verandah to return to the dais at 1915 hrs. It was time for Mangala Arathi.

As Arathi was on, blessed prasadam, Italian chocolates, went for distribution among students and staff. Bhagawan sat for a while watching over the proceedings before leaving the dais after blessing the concourse with abhayahastha.

Bhagawan left for Yajur Mandiram at 1930 hrs., in His car.