Academics, Birthdays and Sketches!

Emerging at 1845 hrs., this evening, as Bhagawan’s Divine Carrier took the pathway in Sai Kulwant Hall , devoted public yet again got into frenzy mood, this time tussling with their own selves to catch a precious glimpse of The Lord! Catching the mood, Bhagawan, from His side, was seen tossing Vibhuti packets ‘at random’.

After a slow and steady round of darshan Bhagawan alighted at the Verandah to get into the Interview Room. A brief pause ensued before Bhagawan emerging out of the Interview Room. Gliding past the upper verandah, Bhagawan arrived on stage at 1910 hrs. and bhajan was in full swing. Interacting with one of the devotees in the front row, Bhagawan showed up on the stage, a ‘feast’ public thoroughly missed for last couple of days. He had a couple of letters on His lap and soon got Himself busy, reading them.

After a few bhajans, in next five minutes, Bhagawan asked for Mangala Arathi.

Session was to continue as students, who were awaiting their dues that they probably had missed last couple of days, were gearing up to grab the opportunity. Bhagawan’s compassionate eyes were scanning the audience, especially at the front block. Scenting the opportunity that was up for grab, they turned unto Him, taking a beeline.

Starting with a couple of greetings, some students took over, turning up with their academic work for blessings. As each one of them turned up to Him, Bhagawan most graciously flipped through the pages, listening to many of them, blessing each one of them with Divine Whisperings, Vibhuti Prasadam and Padanamaskars. Birthday benedictions followed. A few students had some ‘handiwork’ of sketches to present to The Lord. Bhagawan blessed all of them before asking for a repeat of Mangala Arathi. …And the devoted public enjoyed every bit of it as the extended session turned out to be a ‘bonanza’ after two days of short darshans.

Time ticked past to 1950 hrs. Leaving the dais, Bhagawan went into the Interview Room only to emerge just before 2000 hrs. retiring to Yajur Mandiram.