Beloved Bhagawan’s Words Will Come True For Me and You…

A year has gone past since the Beloved Form chose to disappear from our eyes. In this Divine Bond between Mother and children, while it is every child’s right to miss his or her Beloved Mother, every child’s right to claim for all that He has promised, let’s remind ourselves with a ‘firm footing’ to resolve to recall, recollect, inspect, introspect and reflect to overcome, be and become…as He willed for each one of us…and to remind ourselves that all His Godly pronouncements will come True. A poem from Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri.

24th April 2011
Is when,
Life came to a standstill,
A screeching halt,
A crevice over which none could vault,
That severe and shattering jolt,
Akin to being struck by a thunderbolt,
Leaving a feeling –
It just can’t be,
There is much more to this incomprehensible Divine Decree, surely…?

How could there be darkness at noon?
How could the symphony of life lose its tune?
How could the rainbow of existence turn pale?
How can we withstand this devastating blow – this mighty gale?

A year has gone by,
Heaving and leaving many an anxious sigh,
Not for a moment do the thoughts stray,
The Beloved One is uppermost in the mind,
With every breath,
Every second of each day,
How can a child not miss the Mother?
How can it not long for the Presence of the Father?
How can there be life without a soul?
How good is a script that has nobody to play the lead role?

Yet, when one does deeply introspect,
Intensely peruse His words,
Research, recall, gather, collect and recollect,
Infer, interpret, inspect and reflect,
Hope radiates,
And Truth does re-erect and resurrect,
Through the Divine Dialect -
Lines that speak of His Sankalpa,
The power of His word,
The extent of His Will,
That none can alter and nothing can falter;
Love and accept His uncertainty,
Where the only thing certain for me and you,
Is that His words will come true,
Here too, the Master’s assurance softens the anguish,
His delays are never His denials,
Helping you face this – the Harshest of all Trials…

Beloved Bhagawan is the Sun,
We are the Moon,
To reflect His light is a tremendous boon;
He is Rama and together we form His Monkey Brigade,
To overcome the inner Lanka,
Along with the demons within and without,

To surmount hate,
And an unholy negative state,
Our ethics, His grace does constantly help upgrade,
Going on to mould our destiny,
And design our fate…

He is Krishna and we are but pots of butter,
That await His touch,
A tremor of hope,
That we are pure enough,
He may perchance accept our adoration,
Our offering full of devotion and love…

As Sai, He is the truly Beloved One,
Who plays upon the heart strings of each,
Leaving out none,
Commencing softly, gently,
Gradually leading to that pinnacle of harmony,
That crescendo of concord and accord,
A true fulfillment that can only take place,
Through the Ultimate Grace,
Of God…

And so even as we wait,
The play of Shraddha and Saburi,
We can never negate,

Spring will replace the callous winds of winter,
Rains will soothe the baked and barren earth of Summer,
A Monsoon Cloud can never be dry,
That Mighty Shower will come by,
Refreshing, energising, revitalising and releasing,
Scorched and parched hearts,
Once more to soar high,

The Sun will blaze through the darkness of passing clouds,
The Earth will recover its Axis,
And the children of Beloved Mother Sai –              
Will regain their Bliss…

So, Sisters and Brothers,
And Fellow Travellers…
As we bide this trying time through,
To Recall, Recollect, Inspect, Introspect and Reflect,
To Overcome, Be and Become,
We must intensely continue,

For the only thing certain for me and you,
Is that Beloved Bhagawan’s Words will come true…
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu