Karuna Draws The Lord Near…Karuna Makes The Lord Appear…

When Almighty Lord as The Creator ever remains alongside His creation, as the Soul Spark within, having imbued with this wisdom, can man ever stray from his path acting oblivious of the co-existing animal kingdom? If man is marching God-ward it is a must for him to instil feeling of Love and Compassion, if ever he wants to evolve to have His Beloved Lord appear before him. A beautiful poem from the pen of Ms Jullie Chaudhuri.

Enhanced Compassion Reveals The Essence Of Divinity Within You…

‘…Oh! Master, in vain have I struggled for a glimpse of the Lord,
Help me do…
Be kind to me, I earnestly beseech you…’

Thus did the disciple cry out seeking assistance,
Hoping to gain from the Master’s benevolence…
The Master’s eyes shone with wisdom and understanding,
“Is your kindness all surpassing,
Is your heart consumed with love and consideration,
To all sentient beings do you have the courage to show compassion…?”
‘Oh! Master, why ask me all this, all I want is…is a glimpse of the Lord,
Usher me do…
…Into the Presence of God…’

Son, pay heed to these words that Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba spoke,
With these words you must forever your consciousness stroke -
“And I want to share something with you,
That you must never forget,
In the end, in the final analysis,
When the body turns to dust and is gone,
The only thing that will matter,
Is how much love you have shared with all of creation…
…How much love you have shared with all of creation,
…Every single moment of your life.”

‘But, Master…’
Listen further, child, you are a bud as yet,
Reflect, deliberate, meditate, contemplate,
In your half baked mind…let these words of the divine reverberate -
“Manana (deep contemplation) will confirm,
The fact of God being in every living being, bird, beast, tree,
And when this awareness is established,
You will not be tempted,
To hate or ridicule or envy any other living being in creation,
For you are He and He is you fundamentally…
Until you come to this stage,
You are only a partial devotee, still a long way to go…”

Dear child, you want to see God, is it…?
Is your heart free from all past samskaras…so intricately knit,
Imprints…that time and again repeatedly on your subconscious does flit…?
Bereft of impressions and impurities, conditions and contaminations,
Is your soul quite ready and well lit…?
Are you free from the shackles of ‘I, me and mine’,
Expanding your consciousness,
With the Universe are you able to make it align…?
Being content with your lot,
Sharing with all of creation what you have got,
Uncaring, mean and nonchalant ways are you willing to abort…?
Only the boundless power of compassion can free you from your karma,
Listen to this story of the sage Asanga…
He meditated in seclusion for many years,
His object of meditation was Buddha Maitreya,
Thrice did he attempt to leave his cave but eventually returned to intensely enhance his practice of contemplation,
The first time – he notices how the wings of birds had corroded the rocks around their nests over a period of time,
During the second endeavour – he is fascinated by the effect of erosion that constant dripping of water had on the surface it fell upon,
With the third attempt – he comes across a man trying to make needles by stroking a gigantic bar of iron with a fine piece of cloth…
On him it did dawn -
He also had to maximize, intensify and elevate his perseverance,  so as to cut through the layers of his mind and finally reach the light within…
Ultimately in acute frustration he sets aside his practice and moves towards the city,
En route he comes across a dog writhing in agony of a maggot infested wound,
Overcome with wholesome compassion he attempts in vain to attract the maggots away…by offering a piece of his own flesh,
Such was the intent and content of his extreme empathy…the situation did his sensitivity so enmesh,
That he tries to wean away the maggots through body contact…using his tongue…so as not to hurt the wriggling worms, yet provide relief to the tormented canine…
Closing his eyes he inches closer to the wound of the dog, trying to remove the maggots with his tongue and then place them on a part of his own flesh…
Even as he attempts to thus ease out the acute suffering of this distressed being,
The dog disappears,
And bathed in luminescence, radiant and resplendent before him appears -
Buddha Maitreya…
As Maitreya explains – Asanga’s own past impurities had impaired his vision preventing him from ‘seeing’ the Lord who was and is ever present with him …
…Just when all seems dim…
…It was only then…
When his karuna (compassion) matches….is in harmony with…corresponds and attunes to his knowledge and perception,
…When kindred spirit elevates his wisdom and comprehension, that he is able to discern the presence of Maitreya…
…and Maitreya in turn…is visible unto him…

And so, dear child, it was only when Asanga’s kindness was all surpassing,
His heart consumed with love and consideration,
Towards all sentient beings he had the courage to show compassion…
He was able to perceive the Lord with his senses…
When he did his ways appraise…
He was able to find the ever present Lord before his gaze…

Let these words of Beloved Bhagawan enhance your compassion to reveal the essence of divinity waiting for you…within close reach…quite simply…inside of you…
Thus spoke the Lord -

Behind all the activity is the Omnipresent Lord, the Creator, the Life Force, the unity within the whole, and the force that manifests as each one of you – each animal, each plant, each insect, every stone.  They are all Mine and part of the whole.

When a devotee seeks with humility and purity to give seva and prema to My creatures who are in need of such selfless service and sublime love; when he considers all creatures as My children, as his beloved brothers and sisters, as the blessed manifestations of My immanence, then in fulfilment of My role as Sathya Sai, I descend to help, accompany and carry that yogi.  I am always near such a yogi to guide him and to shower My love on his life.

Listen child, the Creator always remains alongside creation…forever present though unseen due to age old impurities that clog and cloud the mind, heart and soul…however, the secret lies in Karuna…if you wish to have a glimpse of God…drench all…every atom including yourself… in the steady stream of Karuna or compassion…maitri bhav…sadbhav…kindred spirit or compassionate action undertaken to diminish the suffering of other beings…

Karuna is the sole motivating factor for all enlightened beings…and only Karuna overcomes all…draws the Lord near…makes Him appear…

II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II