Of Thy Darshan…Grant That Ultimate Grace…

Can one ever imagine the plight of the blessed Abode Of The Lord, Yajur  Mandir…? her plight at being hollow, without her Soul..living as if deserted…? For a moment let’s peep into the blessed Yajur Mandir compound to listen to some interesting conversations from around her vicinity, betwixt plants and leaves, birds and trees and joining them are His endearing creation…imploring Him to grant His Majesty Of Divine Darshan! A poem from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri, originally appeared in the July issue of Sri Sathya Sai Newsletter, Pune.

Sweet Lord,
I made a promise to Yajur Mandir,
As well as to all of creation too,
I need a Tathastu -
I need You,
To so bless my pledge,
Only You can Will it to come true…

What can I do?
Helpless was I,
I was passing by,
And heard Yajur Mandir sigh,
As does Dwarkamai,
Since the time when You endeared Yourself,
To all as Shirdi Sai…
She seemed sad and morose,
Closed shut were all her windows and doors,
Into the compound I did peep,
Standing upon my toes,
Chancing upon a conversation,
Betwixt the plants and the leaves,
The birds and the trees,
The words being carried to and fro,
By a gentle breeze…
They spoke,
In hushed whispers about her woes,
Once so brightly lit,
She now appeared so dim and grim,
She missed her Lord ever so much,
To grant her once more,
That bridal touch…

The birds chirped a melancholy tone,
Joining Yajur Mandir,
As she did in grief,
And in separation moan,
Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth also were forlorn,
Simultaneous angst echoed by every blade of grass,
Each pebble, gravel and stone,
The flowers too did wonder,
For Whom should they bloom,

Together willing the Beloved One ,
To return to them soon…

So what could I do,
I forgot my own waves of pining for a moment or two,
It seemed tepid compared to their rue,
How could I remain a mute witness,
To their pure longing for You,
So, I held open my arms,
Having simply no qualms,
And even as I did gather,
My grieving little brothers and sisters close,
A voice within me rose -
Have faith, be patient,
Hold on to your belief, do not let it sway,
The Beloved One will never forsake us in any way,
His words will come true,
He will return to me and you,
He will grant you the touch you are waiting for,
Continue to beg, plead, implore,
From deep within your core,
Even as the rays of the setting sun,
Gives twilight and moonbeams their due,
I pledge this to you,

They too await His coming as much as you do,
For it is axiomatically true,
That the touch of God,
In this singularly wondrous Form,
Is Creation’s sole reward…

Oh! Lord, did I do wrong?
When I promised them that sweet melody,
Would return to their song?
But joy can replace their listlessness,
Only if You acquiesce, concede and do creation so bless,
Oh! Beloved Mother Sai,
I do Thee plead,
Accede, Accede, Accede,
We, Your children along with Space, Air, Fire,
Water and Earth,
Long for the touch of Your cherished Lotus Feet,
Oh! Ocean of Compassion,
Upon our destiny,

Thy Boon Bestowing Hand,
We crave that You place,
Of Thy Darshan,  
Grant us that Supreme Benediction,
Collectively we long from Thee,
For Thee,
Come, Beloved Mother Sai,
With intense eagerness we await this,
Thy Ultimate Grace…

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II