Sai Geeta…Is A Sangeet, A Melody Only For Sai…

On 22nd May 2007 Sai Geeta’s soul chose to fly free…to continue to ring out its melody…in the etheric sky…to merge forever with Beloved Mother Sai… Living her life full, with one-pointed devotion to Mother Sai, this Little Princess had left her footprints in the heart of her Beloved Bhagawan and thus would ever be remembered as the foremost of His devotees. On this occasion of the eighth anniversary of Sai Geeta’s passing on, remembering the legendary pachyderm, Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri pens a tribute, Sai Geeta…Is a Sangeet, A Melody Only For Sai…

Her story is intricately woven upon the gilded pages of history, with His Story…

As her name does suggest,
…A name that she did earn,
Only at the Lord’s behest -
Her life was truly,
A ‘geet’, a melody,
Meant only for her Sai,
Upon these facts you can totally rely -
If anyone could bring a smile on His face,
It was ‘His Geeta’!
If anyone could barge into His room unasked,
At a random pace,
It was ‘Sai Geeta’!
If anyone was truly worthy of His grace,
It was ‘Sai’s Geeta’!
As far as devotion was concerned,
None could defeat her,
Never once did her Beloved One,
Ever find cause to berate her,
Wrapping her trunk around Him,
She did often verify,
To her Mother Sai,
Beyond doubt, none and nothing else,
But Him,
She did prefer,
And thus, eventually it did so occur,
Her pure love enchantingly made…the Lord’s heart stir…
She proved animals have feelings too,
She proved she could be,
More devoted than me and you,
She proved her capacity for unconditional love -
Through and through,
She proved some animals are more human,
Than most humans…that’s true,
She existed solely for Him,
Till she bid Him Adieu…
Let us hear what the Lord has to say,
Words that turn to gold any shades of negative gray -
For Rama, there was Hanuman,
Right by His side,
From Krishna his devotion,
Kuchela never could hide,
Where Sai Baba was,
Sai Geeta was there too,
Expressing her love and devotion,
Never for even a moment was her focus undone,
Once and for all let it be known,
That she has come -
For Me alone…
Often Swami would ask the students,
To learn from her, saying -
Those of you,
Who stay in the hostel,
Notice the cars,
That go up and down the road,
But on the other side is Sai Geeta,
Who pays no attention to the numerous cars,
That pass by,
Except when she senses,
The approaching car of her Beloved Sai,
And only then she rushes out to greet,
To meet,
That is true devotion flowing freely…
That is steadfast love, you see…
And so, this big little darling,
Leaves behind a legacy,
For each one of us,
Whether a student or a devotee -
That the whole purpose of life,
The sole pathway to bliss,
Was to exist,
For the Lord,
There was nothing more holy,
Or meaningful,
Or of greater import,
Than this…
If she shed a tear,
If she did cry,
It was solitarily for her Mother Sai,
If she sought anyone out,
Breaking fetters,
Running innumerable miles to traverse,
To end the separation…to negate the physical distance,
It was only because her desire to be,
With Swami was immense…
This is what we find,
Her selfless love for Him was truly,
One of a kind -
Like Mira, like Tuka, like the Gopikas,
She too had only Him in her soul, heart and mind…
This is how she lived out her life,
For Him alone,
Only for Swami,
Wholly, so‘u’lely, completely,
And Oh! So naturally,
Her life, Her story,
Is forever interwoven indelibly,
Supremely, intricately,
Ensconced upon the gilded pages of history,
Etched for all times,
As an intimate part of His Story…
A shimmering part of His Glory…
Much like the stars that glisten,
And adorn the night sky,
Such is the wondrous Oneness,
Linking this delightful pachyderm and her Sai,
That does eternally unite,
A unique child exclusively to Beloved Mother Sai,
That silken thread of harmony none can deny,
Betwixt Sai Geeta and Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai…

II Samastha Lokaha Sukhino Bhavantu II