Our Master’s Call If We Ignore…How Far Can We Go…?

Ancient scriptures taught us the prayer beginning with “Asatoma Sadgamaya….”, seeking to plead with The Supreme Lord to lead ‘from untruth to Truth’… ‘from ignorance to Light’ and from ‘mortality to Immortality’. Even after ages, after ‘effective’ descent of Avatars time and again, man is still the same, or can we say, much worse… With Kali at its peak, man has forgotten his ‘natural’ ways and route, and is leading a life away from the Sai Truth… How Far Can We Go… Ignoring The Call Of Our Master Supreme, asks Sri Jullie Chaudhuri.

Our deeds are our reward…can we ever deceive God?
How far can we go…?
Power and position, wealth and property right at our door,
In spite of all this,
How far can we go?
Arrogance and pride and hatred inside,
Will burn only us and never let us grow,
How far can we go?

Deceit and violence, temper and pretense if we continue to store,
My dear ones, just how far can we go?
Ignorance of the Sai truth helps ideals uproot,
How much can the conscience endure?
Ego and envy do entice and lure…our Master’s call we continue to ignore,
Oh, brothers and sisters…
How far can we go?

Stationary. We remain stationary. The body may travel many, many miles but what about the soul? Stagnant, no growth. Alas, such a life deserves only pity and gets bound by rebirth.
To have known Him, to have experienced Him yet not having put His teachings into practice is a fate far worse than that of those who are ignorant of Him.

Once and for all, let us decide…
Why beat around the bush out of sight?
Let us seek and not hide…
Whose fate will be considered worse -
Those who have known Him for years and have ignored His call or those who have not known Him at all?

Do we even pause and reflect on how fortunate we are, to live at the same time as the Avatar? We hear Him speak, do we ever listen? Time and again, He patiently waits – How many tests? How many chances? How have we fared? What rung of the ladder are we on?
We do not even have to struggle to reach the top for He in His infinite compassion has descended to uplift us all.

Do we care?

Have we taken our sweet Lord for granted?

Do we realise our folly? Can we spare a moment to look back at the time wasted?
Do we ever think about the pain we cause Him, through our thoughts, words and actions, as we interact…at the work place or at home or just anywhere…with family, friends, colleagues and our fellow beings?

So much has Beloved Bhagavan given us and He keeps giving. The moment is here now to give to Him that which is for our own good, for…He is beyond need.

We are all leaves from the same tree; stars in that one vast sky; rays from that One Divine Light…It’s about time we reflect on this truth and stop hurting and wounding with our thoughts, words and deeds… be more compassionate, accommodating, accepting, patient, loving and giving. Let us no longer just hear Him, but listen; not just read His teachings but put them into practice.
Above all, let us unite to please Him, for when we hurt / harm any being, we cause our adored Creator pain…

When we disrespect creation, teardrops glisten in His Lotus Eyes and mankind should then hang its head down in shame…
But how can we think about the environment or fellow beings when we, perhaps, find it difficult to live in peace and harmony as a family unit?

If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character; if there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home; when there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation; when there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world – Baba

No love, No peace; Know Love, Know peace.

Come, together let us pray -
Precious Lord…allow me to be an instrument of Thy peace and love. Help me realise that Selflessness, Sacrifice and putting others’ needs before my own and taking on the role of a caretaker helps bring harmony, thereby negating base feelings. Guide me to that awareness that all I need to do is focus on that oft repeated simple yet profound message from Thy Divine Lips: Love all, Serve all; Help ever, Hurt never…Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II