Poisoned Arrows Or Scented Blossoms…Sorrow or Celebration?

All that, to which, our conscience whispers a firm “No” are most undesirable and to all which our conscience hums  a firm ‘Yes’ are the most desirable actions for man to follow. When man listens to his conscience, that is the Inner God, he moves in the right direction and thus pleases Him Who is The Indweller…and when he moves opposite, he is inflicting pain in Him, Whose directives he chooses to ignore. Every negaive thing, be it our lackadaisical attitude, actions that reeked of kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada and matsarya are arrows, darts, shafts, missiles that hit the Divinity Within us writes Sri Jullie Chaudhuri  quoting references from Prasnottara Vahini reminding the children of Sathya Sai to awake, exult and herald in the Golden Age following Him studiously…Read on…

She lit the evening lamp,
Watching the rays of the Sun bid adieu and disappear,
Dusk pirouetted to the fore from the rear,
Deep was her contemplation on the events of the past year,
A colossal ‘why’ and many, many , many ‘why nots’,
In the mind did churn and appear…
With open eyes she saw that Effulgent Form,
The mist lifted even as the heart did mourn,
With delight she looked upon Him,
Moist eyes in which teardrops did brim,
Upon a closer look she couldn’t stifle a loud gasp,
She ran over and the Beloved One’s hand she did clasp,
Agony stabbed her aching heart,
Her voice was a hoarse and painful rasp –
‘My Lord, Beloved Mother, Oh! Baba, Baba…’
Was all she could muster,
Mind reeling, senses not at par,
As grief did her nerves scar,
And the flow of words completely debar…
Up close,
She saw that His frame was entirely covered with arrows…
Slowly the meaning did unfold.

Every thought, word and deed which was not in sync, that was negative, harmful in intent, thoughtless, uncaring, acutely insensitive, horrifyingly arrogant, cruel and abusive to any living being or the minutest part of creation, was indeed an arrow; each thought and word wrongly intended brought on a torrent of chain reaction in rapid succession.

Every lackadaisical attitude, each action that reeked of kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada and matsarya was an arrow, a dart, a shaft, a missile, embedded in the lotus like frame of Beloved Bhagawan.

Each arrow had a name on it. Countless arrows  pierced His gentle frame through the flaming orange robe. Arrows that came from all over the globe.

Each and everyone was responsible for having pierced with toxic arrows and shafts, the Benevolent, Magnificent and Supreme Frame of God.

Let us read excerpts from ‘Prasnottara Vahini’ by Beloved Bhagawan to get a clearer picture about these venomous and destructive weapons which lie either subtly, overtly or downright blatantly in every human persona.

Q – Swami! What are the traits of character that we have to avoid, that is to say, which are the obstacles in the path of one who seeks liberation from the cycle of Birth and Death?

Ans – The six, the Ari-shadvarga: Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada and Matsarya; these are to be avoided.

Q – What exactly is Kama?

Ans – Desire for riches, property, honour, status, fame, children; why list the lot? Attachment to all things of this sensory world – this false, temporary, impure world.


Ans – Yearning to harm others and cause ruin to them.

Q – And Lobha?

Ans – Determination that no one else should partake of even a small fraction of what one has earned or what one has; also, that even in times of distress, one’s possessions should not be diminished by use.

Q – What is the meaning of Moha?

Ans – The delusion that some people are nearer to one than others and the desire to please them more than others, leading to exertions for earning and accumulating for their sake.


Ans – Mada means the swagger that develops when one feels that he has either scholarship or strength or riches or fame, more than others. Even when one has not got these, Mada makes men move about without reverence for elders and consideration for others’ feelings and craving only for one’s own comfort and security. Mada is extreme egoism.

Q – The last that You mentioned is Matsarya. What does that mean, Swami?

Ans – When others are as happy as yourself, Matsarya makes one miserable; one cannot tolerate it.

Such lucid explanations about the excess baggage that we carry, weapons of self as well as social destruction in the psyche of each individual. Yet, we point fingers at disgruntled neighbours, street fights, terrorists and warring nations.

Each arrow that falls off due to virtuous, ethical behavior continuously gets replaced when the worst in us gets the better of us.
But these attempts at self transformation needs a Cosmic Boost, intense endeavour and an absolute one-pointed focus. The arrows on that Cherished Form have to be removed. They have to fall off, disintegrate, vanish, crumble.

Since those arrows belong to us all, the remedy too lies with us. We need to replace those arrows cautiously, skillfully, carefully, being ever dexterous and vigilant so that they do not surface ever. These poisonous arrows need to be wiped out, their repeated recurrence barred.  And for this we need ‘zoomed in’ determination, a soul centered obsession with the Ultimate Goal, a burning passion for purification, a supreme will and complete absorption in the gigantic task at hand – unfurling and manifesting our inherent, latent divinity.

If these words have touched your hearts, dear brothers and sisters, if they have created ripples of impression upon a mind ever ready to please the Beloved One, if they have evoked feelings of harmony and linked our thoughts…then we must not remain sanguine, nor must we procrastinate. Nothing else matters, no other call is more urgent, no trivial distraction need attract our attention.

‘That’ ever overflowing Ocean of Love, Compassion, Mercy and Truth deserves only petals of fragrant blossoms, perfumed and coloured with the myriad hues of goodness, purity, unity, divinity and the oneness of adoration.

Beginning this very moment, the thought uppermost in our mind posthaste must be – ‘I have to remove those arrows’.

Unwanted, unnecessary, hurtful and harmful thoughts, words and deeds have to be banished forever to be replaced, displaced, interchanged with a shower of flowers having the intent and scent that never does fade. That is the offering of love and reverence that should shine bright on the Unique Form of the Most Loved and Loving  One.

Right now is the time to start…the time is right – now! Do you agree, that we, the children of Sai, must join hands, form a link and pledge ourselves to do what is loving, harmonious, right and true for Beloved Mother Sai? That, we must not allow another arrow even unconsciously ever to slip by, exercising great care and concern, for there is no gauging the radius of Beloved Mother Sai, Who is always present everywhere.

With every kind thought many arrows fall off, with every loving word and selfless action, rare florets make an appearance…making lethal darts evaporate into nothing.

Sweet scented rose buds, soft and silky bouquets, finest of lotus blossoms, or poisoned, malignant, toxic arrows, darts and spears?
Sorrow or Celebration?

The choice which has a Cosmic Impact rests totally within and with each one of us…the children of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai. So does the onus to not only honour and exalt but to exult and herald in the Golden One and the Golden Age. 

Come, let us pray for ‘that’ miracle to unfold.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II