Bhagawan’s trans-corporeal appearance as ‘Jodi Adipalli Somappa’

In the holy Sri Sathya Sai Ashtotthara Shata Navavali (the 108 names of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba), one of the Names showing up is “Sri Sai Jodi Adipalli Somappa”. How this intriguing name came to be associated with Bhagawan is narrated by Prof N. Kasturi in the book “Garland Of 108 Precious Gems”. The incident here is one of those most intriguing stories of trans-corporeal appearance of Bhagawan, Who came in disguise, as ‘Jodi Adipalli Somappa’, to save a little one who turned almost lifeless, on their return from Parthi to Bengaluru. The little one went on to become a renowned Carnatic singer, by name Sudha Raghunathan, who later had the great good fortune to offer her God-gifted talent back unto Him, in His Divine Presence. Read on the narration from Prof Kasturi (with additions).

On 26th November 1958, three days after Baba’s birthday celebrations, a devotee, Sri Venkataraman left Prasanthi Nilayam for Bangalore by car after seeking permission from Baba.

On the way, his 2-year-old daughter was attacked by ‘fits’, which became so serious that the child was asphyxiated and it collapsed.

Baba ‘knew’ this and presented Himself before them as a ‘villager’ with two other ‘villagers’ whom He created. He wanted the child to be given to Him and the two comrades supported the demand. ‘Give Him; He will cure it. He has cured thousands’; they (the other two villagers) implored.

The Villager (Bhagawan in disguise) told them, ‘I was busy for the last 3 days; I just now laid Myself for rest; but I came to know that a child was seriously ill on the road. So, I ran up!’

He placed the child on His lap and she was cured. He gave her back to the relieved parents. They offered Him a rupee and when it was refused, they gave Him a fruit from the many that they had received from Bhagawan’s Hands before leaving Prasanthi Nilayam.

They asked Him His Name. He said “Jodi Aadipalli Somappa”. When asked later at the Nilayam, why He chose that Name of all others, Baba said, “I Am Somappa, Appa (Lord Shiva) and Sa Uma (Sa – along with; Uma – Goddess Parvathi, the consort of Lord Shiva) with Uma. The place of My Residence is Aadipalli, the primaeval village, Kailasha. It is Jodi (joined together) because it belongs to Sa & Uma ‘Shiva-Shakti’, – the Twin – Prakrithi and Purusha (Nature and God). This is, therefore, Baba’s most appropriate epithet, selected by HimSelf, for that profound miracle of grace. It reveals His Truth as ‘Shiva-Shakti’.”

On another occasion when a devotee asked Bhagawan about His Oneness with Shirdi Sai, Bhagawan said, “It is difficult for you; when I ‘went’ the other day, as an old man to save Venkataraman’s child on the road near Bagepalli, he did not recognise Me, he thanked Me profusely and held out a rupee coin towards Me. He believed that I was a villager named ‘Jodi Adipalli Somappa,’ when I gave that Name!

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II