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I Care… So I Dare!!!

Atrocity is the word, strewn everywhere in the form of innumerable devious acts processed from the human brain. God gifted man with intelligence but centuries of conditioning have resulted in an inhumane frame of mind which is, to a large extent, devoid of love. It is said that when adharma rules and Mother Earth weeps the Lord comes down to establish dharma. And this time, it was in the form of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. His life and teachings have definitely made an imprint on earth, and His devotees, for sure, are going to live it to their best of their abilities. Here is one such instance, a laudable instance of a devotee engaging in love and compassion and putting His word into practice. Republishing an article involving Gomatha… on a day when Gomathas are welcomed in Sai Krishna’s Divine Presence in Prasanthi Nilayam. read more »

Compassion…A Divine Gift

Bhagawan Who ‘lives’ His illustrious life exemplifying IT as His Message stands tall as the most inspiring figure in the history of mankind, planet Earth has ever seen. If alone one boasts to be  a real devotee, – ‘Sathya Sai Student’ -,  first and foremost he or she should possess a heart full of love and compassion for all of His creation…How many of us do follow Bhagawan’s words meticulously, with a heart full of love and compassion, sans any reservations? Sri Biraj Lama, an alumnus of Sri Sathya Sai Institute Of Higher Learning, belonging to 2012 batch of MBA, exemplified what compassion means to him when he ventured to help a suffering crow to fly into its world of feedom…a real ‘July’ story from Prasanthi Nilayam. Biraj is currently serving the Sri Sathya Sai Sadhana Trurst, Bhakta Sahayak Sangh Division… read more »

Why Do Animals Matter?

Imagine a world without greenery around, without the four legged ones, without the flying colours? Such a world would be hollow without the essence. Man is blessed to co-exist in this beautiful world, with plants, animals, birds and all other living ‘loving’ creatures. If alone man understands his duty, his legacy, to live practising “Love All Serve All, Help Ever Hurt Never”, coexisting with his co-creation, he can surely claim that his heart has been touched by God. Why man should co-exist in nature and why do animals, birds matter for him? Read on as Ms. Mercinini Sheratt from the United Kingdom writes about the beauty of animal kingdom, citing Bhagawan’s priceless quotes. The writer, an English Teacher by profession, has been a long time devotee and is currently spiritual co-ordinator for Region 6 in the UK. She has also been taking active interest in animal welfare and animal rights. read more »

When Human Hearts Become Like Cacti…The Womb Of Mother Nature Goes Dry…

When summer simmers with exhausting passion, the earth body withers owing to acute drought, putting humans and his co-existing world to great agony…Suffering it through, as we call it acute drought, has man ever thought what exactly causes Mother Nature to act in retribution? Is he not responsible for his acute agony…? When summer simmers with intense passion, let’s listen to what Sri Jullie Chaudhuri writes about… read more »

How Shirdi Sai Taught To See GOD In DOG…!!!

Some years ago, at the end of a Guru Purnima Divine discourse Bhagawan urged the devotees to show compassion for as He spelt out, See Me in a dog also…D O G – dog will lead you to G O D – God. What a beautiful statement hidden with Supreme Truth of coexistence! True, one needs to raise to a level of higher consciousness to understand and imbibe this Supreme Truth. With Bhagawan Himelf showing all-out compassion for all of His creation, are we not, His ‘devotees’ bound to practise His precepts? Let’s learn a lesson from the Life Of Bhagawan at Shirdi…How He Showed To See GOD in DOG…a thought-provoking incident from Sri Shirdi Sai Satcharita… read more »

Baba and the Animal World…

“We, to whom the animal world is different and dumb, have to learn, just this one lesson, by observing Baba’s affection for them: never to harm any living thing, for our sustenance or pleasure; never to lose an opportunity for lessening the suffering or pain of an animal brother of ours” writes Prof Kasturi in the November 1958 issue of Sanathana Sarathi, narrating the illustrious bond of Love between the Creator and His four-legged creations. read more »

On Behalf Of Animal Angels…

Do animals enhance the quality of lives of human beings…? Do not animals make their entry into human lives donning the role of angels…Animals turn angels when human hearts turn towards them with unsullied, unconditional love…Ms Mercini Sheratt shares her views about Animal Angels, quoting Bhagawan… read more »

Why Do Seva For Animals?

If man believes in the Fatherhood Of God, then he is bound to follow His precept “All Are One…” fulfilling His dictum, acting upon it, by being “Alike To Everyone…” Quoting Bhagawan’s precious gems on service to the co-inhabiting world of creatures, Ms. Mercini Sheratt writes about the supreme significance of doing service to animals and other creatures, bringing in interesting tales of rare instincts of love and gratitude shown by the co-existing world of creatures.

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Start Early…Drive Slowly…Reach Safely…

Do you have love for animals, birds and other creatures? If so, here is a real incident happened in as recent as Nov 2011, on the busy road near Deccan Gymkhana, Pune. The story has an inspiring tale, a resolve to follow Bhagawan’s dictum “Love All Serve All”, “Help Ever Hurt Never”, shown by a young journalist based in the city. The Lord Who introduced the Universal Prayer, ‘Samasta Lokaha Sukhino Bhavantu’ lived His life loving His creation sans any reservation, emitting His Love Unbounded on all life forms. Rightly, He introduced another Universal Prayer, ‘Samasta Jeevah Sukhino Bhavantu’ encompassing all life forms under His loving care and protection. Read a poem, a third person’s account from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri, on this young lady journalist’s adventure to save a wounded, abandoned horse. Indeed a lesson for you and me, to follow His Message!!! read more »

There Is Only One Language – The Language Of The Heart

Song Celestial Bhagavad Gita, the essence of Vedas and Upanishads, has many Shlokas that echo the Vedic doctrine of one-ness of humanity. Bhagawan Sri Krishna even went on declaring that He is The Friend of all creatures -’Suhridam Sarva Bhutanam’. He went on declaring “Ishwara Sarva Bhutanam” that He, The Lord, has the same affection for all creatures, and whosoever remembers Him, resides in Him, and the Lord in turn…. We have heard Bhagawan read more »