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Sai Way Of Awakening…

To my Aaraadhya…the One i worship…this is my Aaradhana…my sacred offering, regard and worship…my awe, invocation, devotion and adoration… writes ‘Mother Sai Poet’ Sri Jullie Chaudhuri laying bare her plans for the ensuing month of Sadhana Aaradhana… Giving And Forgiving, spanning from 24th March until 24th April, and then on…a lifetime commitment to the Beloved Supreme Being… read more »

Month Of Giving And Forgiving 2019

We are back in time for sadhana, of intense introspection, recollecting the testing time that devotees were asked to face, by Bhagawan, The Ultimate Supreme Divine, way back in March – April 2011. Reminiscing the period of supreme selfless sacrifice, Sri Jullie Chaudhuri writes about, reminding one and all of the much needed intense sadhana unto Him, Beloved Mother Sai… paving way for Cosmic Oneness. Sri Sathya Sai Organisations – India is observing a Month-long Giving And Forgiving, with everyday is studded with one unique sadhana. Let’s march on, tuning unto Him….The Cosmic OneNess That Walked On Two Feet… read more »

The ‘SaiLent’ Beginning Of Sai-Lent…

The Christian Lent, as a religious practice, was an unknown to me until March 2016. It was in March 2016 when I had travelled to Pune, on a visit to my ‘adopted’ mother, that I happened to hear of the same for the first time. One fine morning, during a dog-walk within the living society premises, she had something profound to share with me, baring her heart full of something new, fragrant, that was welling up. She said: ‘…I have a strong, surging feeling within that we should sanctify this period (ensuing period of Bhagawan’s SSSIHMS stay) by doing something profound, by walking His path, walking His talk, practising Him, paying our reverence and gratitude to Him…for all that He stands for?’…She went on:  ’I don’t know, this ‘Sai-Lent’ keeps hitting me over and over again. I have an unusual inner feeling about it.’ From The Prasanthi Reporter’s desk.  read more »

Beloved Bhagawan And The Period Of Lent

Bhagawan chose the period of Lent in 2011 for His stay in the SSSIHMS and His – this most baffling, unfathomable Drama culminating in the ‘withdrawal’ of His Beatific Form. Quite significantly, what does this period mean and signify to each one of us…to all us…to every bit on Planet Earth? Sri Jullie Chaudhuri reminisces… read more »

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai And The Period He Silently ‘Lent’ Us

We are passing through a unique period of Sai Lent… a period of intense sadhana, as rightly called, Sai Sadhana – Sai Aradhana. For The Supreme Resolve Whose Munificence touched you and me and His entire creation, we humans, being His contemporaries, recipients of His boundless bounty of Love, must resolve to step back to Him… silently recapitulating His Life and the Sai Lent He ‘Lent’ Us… knowing its fullest significance… a thought-provoking writing from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri commemorating the period of Sai Lent.  read more »

The Miracle Of Self Transformation…

Ahead of the intense Sadhana Aradhana Month of ‘Sai Lent’, as observed all over the globe by the Sai Organisations, it is once again time for introspection, looking within to make this world beauitful following Sai Ideals… echoes Sri Jullie Chaudhuri, writing on the glory of Beloved Mother Sai, stressing on the Miracle Of Self Transformation. read more »