Evening in Sai Kulwant turned golden yellow at the transitional twilight and with soulful tunes rendering the air, Prasanthi Nilayam reflected verily heaven on earth and was awaiting her Lord to emerge. Thousands sat immersed in bhajans and many eyes were tuned focussing at the western entrance eagerly anticipating signs of His emergence.

Bhagawan arrived at 1820 hrs. and went for a complete round before showing up on the dais in ten minutes. This was another day of Vibhuti blessings as Bhagawan tossed blessed packets unto many boys at the front block. Lucky ones got a ‘double’, Vibhuti with Padanamaskar. Towards the end Bhagawan blessed the Mandir Priest as well with a ‘double’.

Bhagawan accepted Mangala Arathi at 1900 hrs. and retired to Yajur Mandiram at 1905 hrs.