Sports Meet – Day 2

This evening, on the second and concluding day of the Sports and Cultural Festival, Bhagawan arrived at the stadium at 1715 hrs. The Divine Chancellor was accorded a rousing reception at His arrival with the Brindavan Band along with little lions and dragons from Prasanthi joining the motorbike escorters from all the three campuses.

The evening presentation was earmarked for Primary School, Easwaramma English Medium School followed by Prasanthi Nilayam Campus.

Colourful pageantry of the little hearts from the Primary School ruled the stadium for the next one hour with intermissions coming in the form of little gymnasts performing acrobatic feats on the floor and on a mounted structure. There was dance to the tune of background music while the entire session promised a riot of colours.

With the sundown at the eastern horizon floodlights turned on and the little hearts, exhibiting graceful movements, formed into various colourful combinations often receiving round of applause from the packed audience. While Roller Skaters engaged in speed skating moved back and forth, often crossing various hurdles, little lions and dragons of Prasanthi came out prowling regaling one and all.

Easwaramma English Medium School, in its maiden outing, made an impressive beginning with a thematic presentation depicting man’s monkey mind. Dance and formations followed to the accompaniment of musical score. They ended the session with a formation showing WE LOVE YOU SAI declaring loudly to Bhagawan that, YOU ARE OUR EVERYTHING.

The final programme was by the Prasanthi Nilayam Campus that included Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School also. Presenting a huge indigenous plaster of paris structure of Lord Krishna, that was wheeled unto His presence, the hosts began their display with floor gymnastics by the higher secondary wing. Trained by Olympian Dimosthenis Tampakos from Greece children from higher secondary exhibited great dexterity and skill flexing their muscles showing various feats.

Reminiscing the Unity Cup Cricket Match held in Prasanthi in 1997 cricketing actions were brought to live with a mock India vs. Rest of the World match. Following the higher secondary wing, seniors continued the gymnastic feats with perfection, once again trained by the same Dimosthenis Tampakos of Greece.

Star Wars, Angels and Devils etc. were some of the other items that lit the stadium before Prasanthi Lions went on prowl bringing the curtains down for the Annual Sports and Cultural Festival 2011.

Bhagawan accepted Mangala Arathi at 1910 hrs. and returned to Yajur Mandiram just after 1930 hrs.