Bhagawan went for a round of Prasanthi Township today, in the forenoon. Emerging at around 1120 hrs. Bhagawan moved along the road, crossing Yenumanappali Cross, leading to the Super Speciality Hospital. Taking a detour from the petrol bunk, Bhagawan returned to the Ashram at 12 noon, via the western gate. Hundreds lined up en route, inside the Ashram, for a glimpse of The Lord. Bhagawan, in His outpouring love and compassion, went on blessing the devotees with Abhayahastha.

‘Sweeter and sweeter as the days go by’ is perhaps the right expression to describe Divine Darshan in Prasanthi Nilayam. At a time when Darshan sessions are becoming shorter and shorter, one can find an increasing awareness among the public of the greater importance of Divine Darshan! …And with this increasing awareness, thousands upon thousands are flocking into this Valley of Peace every day, to catch a precious glimpse of The Lord!

This Friday evening passed by presenting a such a short yet sweet darshan session. Bhagawan arrived at 1945 hrs. in His car, coming for usual round of darshan; towards the end of the round, He spent awhile with the ‘Alike Team’ of teachers and students. Alighting at the verandah, Bhagawan came on stage to preside over the session for the next fifteen minutes.

Detached was His demenour all through, yet He was at His amusing best! As some boys approached Him with laddu prasadam for blessings before distribution, Bhagawan grabbed a few from the box to toss them unto some lucky boys. Accepting a letter from one of the boys, Bhagawan read through the same after blessing the boy with Padanamaskar. Bhajans went into higher gear as boys sang with great passion and devotional fervour; pubic responded erupting with booming chorus.

It was time to wind up. At 2010 hrs. Bhagawan indicated for Mangala Arathi and soon, upon Arathi, Bhagawan left the dais, not before blessing the concourse with Abhayahastha.

Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram at 2015 hrs.