For The Lord’s Sake, The Pilgrims Forsake! – A Poem

What does Ashadi signify when thousands upon thousands marching towards the spiritual capital of Maharashtra, Pandharpur for Lord Vithala Rukumai’s Darshan? Taking a cue, following the pattern, devotees from Sai fraternity take a similar march to Prasanthi Nilayam, to the seat of Ultimate Divine incarnated on earth, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, every year. The march goes with greater significance, as with every stride that is made to The Lord, each pilgrim forsake every other thing for the Lord’s sake, writes, Ms. Jullie Chaudhury reminsicing on the greater significance of the occasion…For the Lord’s sake… The Pilgrims’ forsake… Each stride they take… Each vow they make, Is alone for His sake…reiterates the writer…Read on…

For the Lord’s sake,
The Pilgrims’ forsake,
Each stride they take,
Each vow they make,
Is alone for His sake…

Each soul does march on,
Right through from creation’s dawn,
Transit halts are lifetimes gone by,
Waiting to merge into Mother Sai…

Some feel a longing come what may,
Some are carried away,
As the thoughts do sway,
Giving in to sense play,
Aware, be aware, beware or fall prey,
Lure of sense objects keeps the goal at bay,
But the Lord’s name shows the way,
Detach, disengage, disconnect,
Re-connect to that Supreme Ray,
And endeavor ever so, to remain and stay…

Each soul a pilgrim from day one,
Journeying through lifetimes,
Towards the Only One,
Losing, gathering, discovering,
Balancing, emptying,
Evolving and becoming,
Tears and laughter, Joy and sorrow,
Fruits from the seed, karma does sow,
A myriad lifetime,
And myriad are the forms too,
How you evolve and what you become,
Depends on you,
As the pilgrims’ march culminates on Ashadi,
At Pandharpur and Prashanti,
Each soul as a pilgrim revere must we,
Pledging our life to the One within the many,
Forego, grow,
Nourish, nurture and comply,
The inner calling,
Of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai,
The soul knows this to be true,
It’s time to follow through,
Even if against the tide we need to swim,
And countless desires we must trim,
Remember must we each soul is a pilgrim,
Let not another idle moment pass us by,
Let the goal forever be Mother Sai…

For the Lord’s sake,
The Pilgrims’ forsake,
Each stride they take,
Each vow they make,
Is alone for His sake…