Gita: Mother Sai’s Precious Little Child – A Poem

Today marks the fourth anniversary of Sai Gita’s passing away in Prasanthi Nilayam. Commemorating the occasion, recapitulating the saga of love between the Lord and His pet pachyderm, here we have some poetic lines as chronicled by Ms. Jullie Chaudhary.

Come dear ones, let us listen to a story,
Of a love purely reciprocal and truly legendary,
The Creator from His creation chose this little symphony,
Blending it to release a message – through devotion, life can be full of harmony…

During the sad trapping of pachyderms, a baby elephant lay orphaned and alone,
But not for long for the Lord had plans of His own,
She had a role to play in the divine sojourn of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai,
And so He arrived at the chosen time, deep in the forest of Mudumalai…

Each blade of grass in this forest ever so dense,
Offered obeisance with loving reverence,
At the treasured Lotus Feet,
Even as the chosen lil’ one was bundled into the backseat,
Of the divine vehicle – cuddly, snug and sweet,
With her destiny none could compete,
Then all of two feet tall and ten days old,
She went on to become His magnificent Bangaru – His gold,
Under His watchful gaze, her life did gradually and playfully unfold,
Swishing her trunk, she fitted in smoothly into His divine mould…

Did you see her eyes…?
They searched for and were ever fixed on Him alone,
When she spotted Him, did you see her effervescent smile…?
For He was the only Mother she had ever known,
Did you watch her graceful gait dressed in her best…?
To be in His presence, her love, adoration, impatience, enthusiasm and zest…?
Did you see those big, huge teardrops…?
Separation from Him she could never bear,
For she knew with His love nothing and none could compare…

To Him she would complain and immediately He would respond,
Ah, what a link, so much in sync, a distinct bond,
She would barge into His room, none else could dare,
Hers was a privilege ever so rare…

Sai Gita would salute and trumpet her love for Swami,
Break free of fetters reaching Whitefield from Puttaparthi,
The Lord knew her devotion to be exceptional, inimitable, unmatched, unique,
Body, heart, mind and soul – only Him did she seek,
She did what no human could do,
She touched the Lord’s heart in an incomparable manner, she did too,
She was a gift from the animal kingdom for the Lord’s sojourn on Earth,
She pined, loved and lived for Him fulfilling the purpose of her birth,
Her glorious life is an epic example for me and you,
Through the tears the Lord shed, she got her due…

The Lord allowed the tears to flow,
And what did this flow of tears show,
Acknowledgement, recognition, appreciation, gratitude, reciprocation and more?
Only the Lord does know,
About that unparalleled devotion that only seemed to grow…

Eventually that final day did dawn,
As it is bound to for all,
And, all did this ‘little princess’ mourn,
Yet Sai Gita will never be ‘gone’,
Cherished forever, her unequaled saga lives on,
As did Lord Rama to highlight the faithfulness of the valiant bird Jatayu,
Sai Gita too,
Received from those same Divine Hands her ultimate due,
For the Beloved One gave His precious little darling a most befitting adieu…

A life such as this leaves memories that go on,
Memories when relived – that usher in a smiling radiant dawn,
A life such as this never does fade,
A life such as this is never staid,
A life such as this always does elevate,
A life that set an example for us all emulate,
‘Sai Gita did it, why can’t I…?
Sai Gita did it so should I,
Let me live a life only to please Mother Sai…’