Grains of Sand – A Poem

When the mighty ocean decided to recede tiny sand grains were jolted awake. Knowing their folly, they repented from within, beginning a new journey, continuing the saga of love-tale between the sandy shore and mighty ocean. Is this not our own story of love-tale with our own Beloved Bhagawan? Catch the essence of the very present, in His Presence, through the poetic lines of Ms. Jullie Chaudhary. Read on….

Teri aahat ka intezar hai Sai Maa,
Kuch to kaho na,
Teri awaaz sunney ki hai tamanna,
Bachhon ki pukar,
Karlo sweekar Maa,
Tumhi ho jeevan hamara,
Jeeney ka sahara,
Har ek shwaas kamal charano mey Tumhara,
Arpan kartey hai oh, Sai Maa…

Grains of sand and the milky Ocean,
A tale replete with love and devotion,
The grains represent devotees, so it does seem,
And the Ocean – the Personality Supreme…

Oh, the love between the sandy shore and the sea,
What a lesson for you and me,
Every grain longs to merge in the Ocean,
Patiently awaiting no other attraction,
An unaffected focus, simply no distraction…

What happened then over a period of time?
This shift in dedication that held a position prime,
Why did the Ocean decide to recede?
Within each grain what did begin to breed?
Was it a feeling of I – and what did this feed?
Desire, passion, attachment, anger and greed?
High tide – a darshan – sprinkling splashes of grace,
Continuous periods of low tide did it replace,
Bereft and lonely were the sandy populace,
With the alarming situation they now had to face…

They were jolted awake,
Habits that had crept in, they had to forsake,
They knew it was of their own making,
The present state left them anxious and aching…

Could there be healing rays,
If there was no Sun?
Without the Moon,
Could the moonbeams dance joyfully,
Upon the Ocean?
The flowers held back their fragrance,
Of their misery they made no pretense,
The breeze stopped to blow and all was still,
To sing and chirp the birds had no will…

Mother Earth embraced each grain,
Showing them a way out of their pain,
For when they went out of line,
Earth suffered too – there is a Cosmic decline,
When one repents from within,
A new journey does begin,
Besides, the Ocean was an incarnation,
Of pure, limitless love and compassion,
So pray, pledge, reform,
Repent, be penitent, transform,
Implore, beseech and plead,
For the Ocean to flow in and never to recede…

Each grain of sand lifted its drooping head,
These words of Mother Earth left so much unsaid,
Together they over – threw maya’s web,
Entreating the Ocean to flow in, not to ebb,
The vastness of the Ocean,
Was beyond their comprehension,
But they vowed to reinforce their concentration,
Discipline, duty, discrimination and devotion,
With zest, zeal and dedication…

At last they saw many a white lacey wave,
Eagerly dancing – a sight they did crave,
Swishing, swirling, a wondrous reunion,
A divine embrace, a holy communion…

Creator and His creation,
His gaze a benediction,
His love a revelation,
His every word a preparation,
The grains knew He forgave their umpteenth folly,
What a lesson for all, for you and me,
As soon as the Ocean withdrew,
To appease It, the grains joined hands, unity grew,
An agreement, an accord, a harmony,
For this is what the Ocean wanted you see,
Many a disaster can be kept at bay,
When collectively every atom joins to pray,
Selfless, noble, humane too,
That which benefits every being in the Cosmos through,
The Ocean smiles, ever so radiant a view,
For all are beings of light,
That did spring forth,
From deep within the Creator’s heart,
And thus we remain connected,
And never apart,
Ancient wisdom covered in dust out of view,
Come brothers and sisters,
Our vows to the Ocean genuinely renew,
Let us chant not just,
For a limited time,
But in all our waking moments too,
Instilling our subconscious through,
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…