Maa Tujhe Salaam

Sarey Jahan Sey Achha,
Hindustaan Hamara,
Hum Bulbuley Hai Uski,
Woh Gulsitaan Hamara, Hamara…

Saarey Jahan Sey Achha,
Sai Baba Hamara,
Hum Bachhe Hai Unki,
Sai Mata Pita Hamara…

Its 62nd Republic day, our nation does enter today,
On this day in 1950, a democratic constitution came to stay,
For free India so many did lay down their life,
Today we salute their struggle and immense strife,
Time to rejoice too,
As Mother India got it’s rightful due…

But even as the celebrations soar,
Hark! Let us pay heed to Mother India’s woe…

The Constitution does to Indian citizens secure,
For all lives on this ancient soil ensure,
Justice, Liberty, Equality,
And Fraternity,
Justice – social, economical,
And political,
Liberty – of thought, expression, belief,
Faith and worship too, you see,
Equality – of status and opportunity,
And thus promote among all a Fraternity,
Assuring for the individual dignity,
Whereas for the Nation – unity and integrity…

Why then the promises of the Constitution,
Seems to the motherland an elusive illusion…?

And so, even as the celebrations soar,
Hark! Let us pay heed to Mother India’s woe…

‘Over a billion people do live on my sacred soil,
I provide plenty for everyone’s toil,
Have my children turned away from me, have they all?
Cannot anyone hear my anguished call?
If only sharing could replace hoarding,
And giving could replace cheating,
Selflessness could replace selfishness,
Overcoming excesses and many a transgress,
Bharat would remain a land of abundance no less,
With such benedictions the ancient Ones did me bless…

Ah! So much pain Bharat Ma has, it continues to grow,
Hark! Let us pay heed to Mother India’s woe…

Where have they all gone?
The brave sons and daughters who ushered in a new dawn,
Isn’t there anyone made in their just mould,
Whose hearts are not captured by the lure of gold,
Who can wipe out swindles and scams,
And escort in an era of righteous plans…?

Oh! So much grief a Mother’s heart does store,
Hark! Let us pay heed to Mother India’s woe…

Farmers are committing suicide,
From their debts anymore they cannot hide,
Pollution of the environment,
And of the mind is on an increase,
Morality dear ones, is on a consistent decrease,
Many species of flora and fauna are almost extinct,
Poverty – material and spiritual, a malady ever so distinct,
Compassion and kindness, my children do shun,
By not reaching out to each other, they do me stun…’

Lamenting words from the Mother’s being does flow,
Hark! Let us pay heed to Mother India’s woe…

And then a soft, gentle stroke on her self she did feel,
That touch of the Lotus feet her acute grief did heal,
So engrossed in her misery was she,
She forgot about the Lord’s presence in Nilayam Prashanti,
Her heart leapt with supreme joy,
The sight of Him her pain did destroy,
He was the Supreme Father wasn’t He?
He – the creator and His creation was she,
Mother, Friend, Guide had heard her innermost plea,
He had a righteous plan,
On compassion and concern He would lift the ban,
Under a fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man,
He would all unite,
He is filling all hearts with His loving light,
His aura of pure love extended far beyond sight,
Nothing and no one could come in the way of His will,
Chaos, disorder and mayhem He would reduce to nil,
Lifting her drooping head with awe, respect and reverence,
Of her relief she made absolutely no pretense,
‘Let me at His Lotus feet surrender all,
For He is the only One Who heard my call…’

So let us pay heed to our Motherland’s anguish too,
An urgent task in hand for me and you,
To her earnest appeal let us not turn a deaf ear,
Let us prove to her that we hold her dear,
Many worthy sons and daughters has she borne,
Its time again to usher in a new dawn,
They had the courage to uproot all that was wrong,
The nerve to sing aloud a valiant song,
In their hearts blazed reverence for all forms of life,
Making right all struggle and strife,
Let us too wipe her tears and fears away,
Let us pledge ourselves to her today,
Over the din and noise,
Created by our desires, let us hear her voice,
Let not differences of caste,
Creed and religion raise its ugly head,
Let us live together in unity instead,
For isn’t that beloved Bhagwan’s message too,
For all of humanity, for me and you,
“There is only one religion – the religion of love,
There is only one language – the language of the heart,
There is only one caste – the caste of humanity,
There is only one race – the race of mankind,
There is only one God – He is Omnipresent”
Let us awake, arise and give Bharat Mata her due,
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu,
A tsunami of peace brilliant, ever fresh and new,
For all beings dwelling on this soil and elsewhere too…

To complain she should have cause no more,
Let us her pride restore,
She is knocking, let us open the door,
Hark! Let not the Mother have reason for woe…