Maha Samadhi?

With the Maha Samadhi for The Lord Incarnate, as it is described, is all set to open for public worship, a reminiscence of the entire happening that finally led to this concept of Maha Samadhi…a poem from the pen of Sri VN Prahlad.

What? Our ever living Lord
No, it is beyond belief.
Can any sarcophagus
Enclose and consume Such a divine form?
But yes, dimly
Through tear screened eyes
We have seen
That loving lovely persona
That went around us,
While we were sitting
Huddled, like sheep,
Was encased, embalmed
In a crystal casket
For all to see, draped in heaps
Of multi hued flowers
Waiting to be embraced
By mother earth
Like the earthly mother,
Easwaramma before.
Samadhi? What is that?
A structure of concrete and marble!
Samadhi, He has taught us
Is a state of mind,
When mind becomes mindless
When all becomes One
With that only One
Love filled, bliss filled unity
Which we call
It is not a tomb,
What we have before us
Is a shrine Divine
Which enshrines and radiates
All that love and all that bliss
We received in a flood
For full one thousand moons and more
From the Divinity incarnate
And will continue to receive
From this monument, which
We shall call, not a tomb,
Nor Samadhi
Vishwa Sathya Ananda Jyoti
The Beacon Light of the universe.