Mother Sai – A Poem

A tribute to The Lord who chose to walk the earth, who chose to don the garb of Universal Mother, who is verily the heartbeat of the Universe and for Whom every heart beats…from the pen of Ms. Jullie Chaudhary.

The Lord of the Universe chose to walk the earth,
A gesture of incomparable value and worth,
He chose the immaculate form of Sathya Sai,
Celestial beings showered,
Myriad hued flowers,
And joyfully exclaimed ‘My Oh, My’…

Every heart beats only because He resides in there,
Oh, to bask in His priceless love and care,
In a world threatened with conflict, confusion and chaos,
Mayhem, turmoil and loss,
An extension of His peace is Prashanti Nilayam,
As is the lotus He chose for His dwelling – Yajur Mandiram…

Inexplicable are His ways,
At times they astonish, at times amaze,
None can fathom and shouldn’t even try,
Far removed from the ken of the mind is Mother Sai…

An enigma, a mystery, inconceivable too,
Surpassing the ways of the world, that is true,
An ocean of compassion,
Beyond comprehension,
Taking on Himself, things of individual and cosmic proportion,
A gaze that supersedes time and space,
Enveloping humanity in His limitless grace…

Mother Earth combated human errors through ages gone by,
Continuous selfish pursuits she could never satisfy,
There was plenty in her bounty, so hard did she try,
Wanton was their plundering, unheard was her cry,
Tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes came by,
Only One heard her hapless, helpless, woebegone sigh,
No need to guess – that One came as Mother Sai…

To rescue Earth,
The Lord had to take birth,
Compassion was lacking, deficient and dearth,
Earth beings were a plenty, but human beings far and few,
He had to rescue Earth and transform earth beings too,
A revival that was long over due,
Care and concern, respect and reverence had gone askew…
A living, breathing planet now her heart had gone dry,
As a pace maker for Mother Earth arrived Mother Sai…

The Lord did descend,
So mankind could ascend,
To transform earth beings,
Into human beings,
He wove this tale of marvelous design,
So many a visiting card, so many a sign,
To help human beings realize they too were divine,
Beyond – I, me and mine,
If only we begin to read in between the line…

And so as this process of transformation does take place,
All according to His supreme will and incessant grace,
For the sake of the individual or the cosmos,
Seeing the waves of karma with fury does toss,
As a Mother protects her child, He protects us too,
For a love of a zillion mothers is His love for me and you,
From what, in which way and how He has saved,
We remain most times ignorant and unaware,
As the claws of cause and effect tries hard to ensnare,
Taking upon Himself for only He can dare,
The havoc of our own making we wouldn’t be able to bear,
But He rescues as only He can,
And none can understand or interfere with His divine plan,
No one in the Universe can fathom Him so lets not try,
There is one thing we can do and post haste we must comply,
Let us unite, sacrifice and live selflessly for Mother Sai…

To leave the world and go to Him is never a sacrifice,
For we leave behind only deceit and lies,
But to leave Him and go into the world again,
Is a sacrifice of immense pain,
Our sweet precious Lord we can never ever repay,
Nor does He wants us to,
Let us tread His path, let us stride His way,
It’s known to our soul, a knowing we must renew,
Before time passes us by,
Let us side step the snare of the senses and walk with Sai,
He sets the pace,
For that is His grace,
If only we allow Him to,
His intention is known to me and you,
The Universe resides in His heart,
Each and every being is a part of Him and never apart,
It does reflect on Him all that we think, say or do,
Every little pinch, punch, plunder, even a word or two,
Dear brothers and sisters let us sit up and introspect through,
Rethink, re – pledge, our intensity renew,
To that Supreme Being Whose,
Life is His message through and through,
Who chose to don a robe of a vermillion hue,
Who decided to reside in Yajur Mandiram,
And render Earth her due,
There is only one way out and we know this is true,
The welfare of all beings should be our prime concern too,
Love All, Serve All; Help Ever, Hurt Never,
Is what we have to do,
Together forever Mother Sai, me and you,
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…