Service to God

Care for life, concern for nature and respect for all of creation, the term Seva gets an expansive meaning embracing the world beyond humans, of mineral, plant and animal kingdom, true to the meaning of the Universal Prayer, Samastha Lokaha Sukhino Bhavantu. A poem “Service to God” by Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri.

Deena Dukhiyon Sey Prem Karo,
Mera Sai Prasanna Hoga…
Har Praniyon Mey Sai Hai Samaye,
Har Jeeva Jantu,
Sai Ki Hi Roop Hai,
Unmey Hai Sai,
Mujh Mey Hai Sai,
Sab Mey Sai Hai,
Sai Ram,

Seva, Seva, Seva,
Should it have a different connotation,
For each of us?
A different meaning,
A different feeling…?
Are we free to offer or skip Seva,
Depending on our moods,
Our whims and fancies…?
Should it be relegated, to certain days,
Of the month or week,
Or should we seek,
To serve with our very breath,
Whomsoever our way life does get,
Be it from the animate or inanimate world,
Mineral, plant animal or human,
En-captured and en- swirled…

Do we have a right to say no?
Are we doing it only for show?
Isn’t it a great boon for the one serving?
Ah! That God given opportunity,
To serve, to love,
To rise above…

Can we retain doer ship?
Are not hands that serve,
Holier than prayers that,
Escape the lip?
Has not the Master said –
Help Ever, Hurt Never,
Love All, Serve All?
Have we paused to think,
Just what He meant by all?

Isn’t there a Fatherhood,
Of God,
The Cosmos through?
Then how can we neglect a certain section,
And serve only a few?
Shouldn’t we reach out,
To any and every being in need?
For the tree of Seva to blossom,
Within us the Master did sow,
A wondrous seed…

And so the Lord did put forth a question,
To a certain devotee –
What is the meaning of Seva?
Asked the Beloved One, you see,
Selfless Service was the reply,
But it didn’t quite satisfy,
The Master completely,
‘What more?’ asked He,
In whatever way You want us to serve,
Beloved Swami,
But the Lord wanted to put a point across,
Like the rolling stone that gathered no moss,
Like the river that flowed on come what may,
Like the appearance of the Sun,
At dawn each day,
There was that amazing zing,
In all that the Master had to say,
And so said He,
Ever so gently,
A voice full of power,
Yet as soft as soft can be -
Real Seva is serving Me in animals too,
He expressed a view,
That all creatures may be,
Embraced with that joyful hue,
Loving service all through,
For all are His children,
Isn’t that true?
The pain of any being,
Is His pain too,
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu,
The wellbeing of all Her children,
Is the bliss of the Mother,
Isn’t this true?
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu,
Let this chant ring out the Cosmos through,
He as the indweller of every heart should be the cue,
Care for life, concern for nature,
Respect for all of creation too,
Let Seva be a bridge,
And never a wall,
A true response,
To the Beloved One’s call…