Krishna is Born – A Poem

Today is Sri Krishna Janmashtami… Commemorating the occasion, reminscing the joy of His Mighty Advent, here is a poetic narration of the beauty of His Advent(s) in Dwapara and in the present age, saluting Sai Krishna singing that, he fills our hearts this day and forever. Read on a poem by Sri VN Prahlad.

Mathura. Dwaraka or Brindavan,
Where are you Krishna?
They say pearls are born
In oysters under the star
Of Swati,
Jealous Rohini bore You
Oh! Safire Blue One
This day, to adorn
The necks of the devout Gopikas,
Where you sported in the basil gardens or the banks of Yamuna
And played mischief aplenty
And naughty, they said,
While their hearts were filled
With the pure joy
Of Your presence.
You came again as You promised
Distressed Arjuna on the battle-field
Of Kurukshetra,
In sacred Parthi and sported again
For eighty-five years,
Filling love and joy
In doting hearts
And ailing shells
Of the thronging swell of
People, singing
Come back quickly
Oh Krishna,
Where can You hide
Sai Krishna, Sathya Swarupa
Where else?
Except our hearts? Our eyes brim
With tears of joy-sorrow-pain
Why so? When You are Bliss complete?
Sai Krishna, You fill our hearts,
This day and forever.