Prakasam Drama

The second day’s proceedings by devotees from Prakasam District consisted of a dance drama entitled ‘Seva Aradhana’ based on the Educare philosophy of Bhagawan.

The programme commenced with Vedic recitation at 1630hrs. At 1700hrs, the skit opened with a colourful dance by children. At the end of the dance, the scene shifted into morose mood with parents confronting the teacher for the unconventional curriculum of the school. The teacher explains that the educational philosophy of the school is based on the ideals of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and his aim is to convert every student into a Vivekananda.

The sceptical parents put forth a number of question which are answered by their own wards who take the side of their loving teacher. Seeing the confidence and idealism in their wards the parents realise the value of Educare and they enquire with the teacher about Bhagawan. The teacher replies that Prasanthi Nilayam cannot be explained. One has to come, see, experience and enjoy. He explains that Bhagawan lived his life as an epitome of Selfless Service and while questioned on His identity, replied , “ I am God and you too are God. Realise that this is the Truth.“.

As this conversation was going on, a poor villager comes to an elder and informs him that one of their brethren was admitted in Hospital and urgently needs blood of a rare blood group. The elders are scared due to misconception about blood donation which is clarified by the teacher who offers to donate his blood thus demonstrating the educational philosophy is one which is put into practice. The skit concluded with another dance and a palanquin procession of Bhagawan. Children from the district sang Bhajans while Prasadam was distributed to the assembly. Gifts were distributed to the participants. Being a Sunday, the day’s proceedings came to a scintillating end with the recording of a Bhajan sung by Bhagawan followed by Mangala Arati.