Happy Birthday Bhagawan…

So the world over devotees are coming together to celebrate the single most spectacular event, that was received with elation and jubilation in the Treta Yuga, as well as Dwapara and then in Kali Yuga – the birth of the Avatar on Earth. Oh! That much awaited occurrence!

The piteous cries of Mother Earth, the tears of those oppressed, the anxiety and distress of the ones who were exploited, the prayers of the wise, the entreaty of venerated sages, the adoration of those steeped in selfless devotion, culminated in the Appearance of Lord.

Each time that He chose to make an entrance divine into a womb pristine, He selected a ‘mother’ for Himself to ‘assist’ enacting the leelas of His marvelous manifestation.

Accordingly, we now unite to wish our Beloved Bhagawan a ‘Happy Birthday’, as God willed Himself to appear as Sri Sathya Sai in this age of Kali.
He, Who is the formless Supreme, the Eternal One, beyond ‘birth’, when He takes a form and allows us the blessed chance to wish Him a ‘Happy Birthday’, what should we gleam from this hallowed opportunity?

Let us stop and ponder a bit. Just what is it that would make the One Who is ever Blissful – ‘happy’? Let us carefully mull over words that poured forth from the divine lips and decide for ourselves when and how we should wish Him a ‘Happy Birthday’.
Sri Bhagawan Uvacha :
“My birthday is the date when divinity blossoms in your heart.”

“Of what use is it to honour the Avatar and hold the day when the Avatar took human form as sacred? The Message of the Avatar must be born, must become alive, must grow in you, in your heart – that is the Birthday, you have to celebrate.”
“The day when you resolve to practice My advice; to follow My directives, to translate My message into acts of service, and to engage in spiritual discipline – that day is My birthday for you.”
“Have constructive thoughts, consoling words, compassionate acts.”
“Be simple and sincere.”
“Practice the vocabulary of love – unlearn the language of hate and contempt.”
“Love must express itself as Service.”
“Love all beings; that is enough.”
“Try to conduct yourself in such a way as not to injure others.”

“Do not use poisonous words against anyone, for words wound more fatally than even arrows.” When you rise from the Jiva-sense to the Deva-sense, human-ness to God-ness, then there is no more birth or death. Liberation happens when you Love every being so intensely that you are aware of only ONE. Soak your heart in Love, soak your acts in righteousness, soak your emotions in compassion; then you attain God soonest.”

“There is only One religion, the religion of Love,
There is only One caste, the caste of Humanity,
There is only One language, the language of the Heart,
There is only One God, He is omnipresent.”

“Live in constant remembrance of God and looking upon all creation as a manifestation of Divinity in different forms and shapes.”
“Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu (Let all beings in all the worlds be happy). Include this universal prayer in your prayers every day. This is My birthday message to you.” (From the evening of 31st August 2008, as per Swami’s dictum, this chant flowed on as – Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu.)

And so, dear brothers and sisters and fellow travellers, may Beloved Bhagawan be ‘born’ in our hearts each second of every day of our sojourn on Earth.
Let not the celebrations end ever. Let it spill into every moment of our daily life. Let us pray that seeds of divinity may be sowed in our hearts, only to blossom forth as scented buds of love, peace and harmony.

Then, may it bloom further as fragrant flowers of service to all beings, only to be offered as befitting worship at the Beloved One’s cherished Lotus Feet.

Do you agree, that truly then it will remain an eternal – “Happy Birthday, Bhagawan”?