Living With Sai – US Youth Music Programme

More than 60 Sai Youth from all over the USA are in Prasanthi Nilayam since November 19th to participate in Bhagawan’s  birthday celebrations.  As a token of their gratitude to Bhagawan, the youth presented a short musical program, highlighting the indescribable, sweet love of more than a 1000 mothers- ‘Sai, Divine Mother’, on the 25th Nov. evening in Prasanthi Nilayam. Speaking before the commencement of the programme, the coordinator Sri Phil Gosselin said that on the 6th of March 2011 Bhagawan had sweetly blessed the youth by saying, “Tell them to come for My Birthday.”

The youth were further guided by Bhagawan in selecting a theme for a monthly sadhana programme and the pilgrimage- “Living in Sai.” It was only after Bhagawan’s physical passing on did the deeper significance of the theme sink into them, the learned speaker said. The monthly sadhana program is based on the nine point code of conduct.  The youth delve deeper into each of these 9 spiritual practices, study them, engage in practical discussion of how to incorporate them into their daily lives, and participate in activities that bring them closer to the goal of “Living in Sai.”

The offering of gratitude and love commenced with the invocation prayer- Om Sri Gananatha, followed by Sai Madre Compasiva, Sai – You are the light of my life. A moving song often sung by students, Tu Kitni Achi Hai, was rendered by an old student who was part of the group. Chant the name of God and Mother, O Mother Sai Maa were next. The group concluded with the Bhajan Maata, Maata, Sai Maata which inspired the entire gathering to participate.

Sarees and safari clothes were distributed to the participants even as students of Bhagawan started Bhajans. Sweets were distributed to the assembly. Arati was offered at 1800 hrs.