Carols in the Rain…

When the Holy Christmas revisits once again to the Abode of The Lord in Prasanthi, instances of His benovolence, Grace Supreme are many, ready to burst forth from many a heart drenched in Sai’s Love…In the year 1987, Christmas Eve was virtually turned out to be a ‘Baptism In Rain’ as the mighty Lord allowed the rain Godess to shower Her grace upon the evening’s choristers singing His glory…Read on a thrilling account of the evening…

The most touching darshan I have ever witnessed took place this Christmas Eve, in the late afternoon. Thousands of devotees from all over the world had gathered to spend Christmas with Bhagawan. The weather had been threatening rain all day and by darshan time there was a steady drizzle.

I gazed across the darshan line and saw a sea of people sitting in the rain. There was absolute silence; no one stirred. They all sat, soaking in the rain, as water dripped from their heads to their faces. Each one was determined to have Swami’s darshan.

Their love seemed to touch the heart of Swami. He came out on the verandah, looking at all these apparently “God-Crazy” people sitting in the rain. Bhagavan moved from beneath the sheltered verandah, walking ever so slowly in the rain, giving us darshan, and letting us know’ by His action that He is always experiencing every thing in life with us. Not once but twice He walked past showing us that for each deed we do for Him, He blesses us twice.

The wet crowd all dispersed after darshan, and re appeared in clean clothing for bhajans. The rain had stopped in the interval. The Overseas devotees’ Christmas Choir sat in front of the Mandir prepared to sing carols during the allotted Bhajan time. All the overseas devotees sat together next to the choir. Swami filled the verandah with all the boy students and placed His red chair amongst the children, at the western edge of the verandah facing the choir.

It began to rain. The more it rained, the stronger the voice of the choir determined to go on with the programme. Swami swayed and tapped with His hands to the rhythm of the songs. He seemed to enjoy us all sitting in the rain at His Divine Lotus Feet.

When the choir finished their programme, Swami signalled us to continue by singing Bhajans. After arati, one person said, “We have had a complete Baptism!”

In between darshan and bhajans my eyes fell on this quote of His: “When I sprinkle your face with rain and wash the earth, the first smell of clean rain, I am cleansing you- THINK OF ME!”

II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II