Love Unbounded…

The Love of a thousand mother – is how Bhagawan’s love is often described by many. Among the millions and billions of devotees around the world, His students are the rarely privileged folk who enjoyed close proximity of their “Swami” and thus the Love of a thousand mother. Let’s catch a glimpse of one such incident, happened over two decades ago, as chronicled by Sri RJ Rathnakar, a former student and currently functioning as a trustee of the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust. The article was originally published in Sanathana Sarathi, Nov 2011.

“He who knows My Divine birth and action in true light, having dropped the body, comes not again but comes unto Me.”
– Bhagavadgita

THE unborn Godhood puts on the appearance of birth and enacts a Divine Leela, performs holy activities for the good of the world and sanctifies the human existence.

Since times immemorial, many prophets, seers, sages and Gurus have come into this world. But in the history of mankind, there is no parallel to Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who has given Himself to His followers and loved them so much. It is an event that has not occurred in the past and is not likely to occur in the future.

Journey with Bhagawan is the most memorable experience anybody can have. The love and concern which Swami showers on each individual accompanying Him is a treasure for life.

I fondly recollect a beautiful incident that happened during one of our journeys from Kodaikanal to Ooty. We started from Kodaikanal soon after an early lunch. On the way, the front windshield of the bus in which we were travelling broke. Immediately, we were directed to a garage in Pollachi, a town en route to Coimbatore. The repair work of fixing a new windshield took almost three-four hours. Swami had proceeded to Coimbatore and was waiting at a devotee’s residence for our arrival. We reached Coimbatore by 6.30 p.m. As soon as we reached, Swami received us with great love, and we could see the joy of a mother who was longing to see her lost children! Immediately, Swami took us all to a dining area where delicious food was already served in plates and waiting for us to partake of. After making us all comfortable, Swami instructed us to have our dinner at leisure and left for Ooty. Post-finishing the dinner, we started our journey to Ooty at around 8.30 p.m., not in the bus, but in several cars, apprehending that the bus might develop some trouble again.

The car in which I was travelling was the last car in the convoy. I do not know whether it was our ill luck or a Divine drama, our car broke down and stopped. It was 11.30 in the night in the middle of a thick forest, and we could not see anything as it was very dark. It was drizzling and we had to sit in the car. Mobile phones were still not in so much use and none of us carried one. We were just praying to our Bhagawan to take us out of the situation.

After spending nearly an hour in a situation where nobody could help us except Bhagawan, we suddenly noticed the headlights of a vehicle approaching us. We jumped out to seek some help. Lo and behold! We found, it was our own bus which was coming very slowly up the hill towards Ooty. We thanked Swami profusely for the Divine intervention, lest we should be spending the rest of the night in Nilgiris cold.

By the time we reached Ooty, it was 1.45 a.m. As we were entering the Mandir, I heard a very familiar voice calling out “Hey Rathnakar!” I looked around but could not find anyone. “Look up” is what I heard next. As I looked up, I could see not just one mother, but a thousand mothers. Forgetting His own tiredness due to journey, Swami was still waiting for us at that odd hour, past midnight.

Thousand births are not enough to repay the debt of gratitude to Bhagawan for His unbounded love. Let us only be thankful to the Divine Lord for allowing us to come close to Him and experience His Divine Love. Let His Message be our lives.

All throughout His Avatarhood, Swami emphasised that He is not the physical body and He demonstrated it amply on innumerable occasions, which we could perceive. Swami is very much with us and continues to guide us, guard us and grace us. Let us all have unwavering faith in Him and strive our bit for the continuation of the Divine Mission.

II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II