I Choose…YOU!!!

What would you choose, the world or Sai…gifts or Sai…knowledge or Sai…if you were offered all these along with a choice, with the Lord at the other end…before you decide, we have the young Siddharth  Chettri  of Class X of Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School rhyming a poem bursting into his choice…obviously he chose Sai over other things…Read on the little heart’s Bond Of Love with Beloved Mother Sai…Author had read out the poem at the Sanctum Sanctorum on the 22nd evening during the Gratitude Programme held on the same evening.


You gave me a choice between the world & You,

I chose You over the other.

You after seeing the Lord I sought and knew,

The rest were things that didn’t matter.


You gave me a choice between Your gifts & You,

I chose You over the other.

For i was like a baby placed amidst toys, brand & new

And yet, pined for my Mother.


You gave me a choice between vast knowledge and You

I chose You over the other.

For i knew that the pride of it would take me away

From You, instead of getting me closer.


You then lovingly asked me, “why My child,

Do you refuse what I give;

And choose me instead? With the gifts I give you,

What a kings life you can live”.


I replied, “i would rather choose to live poor,

And have you with me, my Lord.

Than to live rich and wealthy,

And not even know that there is god”.


You smiled in all Your glory so kind,

And flung Your arms, out open and wide.

So did I…

And then did we forever reside.

You in me and I in you…


II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II