Anantapur students offer gratitude to their Founder Chancellor

Outgoing students of Under Graduate, Post Graduate, B.Ed and M Phil of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Anantapur Campus arrived in Prasanthi Nilayam to seek blessings of Bhagawan before their final exams.

“How can it be said that Bhagawan’s Darshan is history when He wakes us up every morning as the Sun, caresses us as the Breeze and provides fragrance as the Flower”, questioned a student at the start of the 45 minute presentation to their ever near, ever dear and ever here Lord. The programme consisted of songs interspersed with commentary, poems , experiences and expressions of gratitude to Bhagawan.The rendering was in English, Hindi and Telugu.Though gratitude was the underlying theme of the programme, the students also displayed their deep understanding and faith in Bhagawan with some inspirational wisdom.

Sai mere Baba Mere“, “Sai ma jeevanam“, “Kaise bathayen” among others brought out the deep bond of Love shared between Bhagawan and His students. They concluded the programme with the prayer, ‘ O Sai! okey korika‘.

During the course of the program, the students offered cards, bouquet, etc. while the teachers took the hall tickets of the students to Bhagawan for blessings. With the love of Bhagawan, all the outgoing students were presented with mementos during Bhajans. The programme ended with Bhagawan singing, ‘Chitta Chora‘ in his melodious voice. Arati was offered at 1800hrs.