Love and Gratitude by Post Graduate Students of His University

Student life in His University is undoubtedly the most cherished time for  these young gentlemen ready to step out into the world and put His words into practice. However it is not easy to part from this Home away from Home, the place where they came into such close proximity with their Divine Mother, some of them for the last seventeen years.

Passing out students of MSc, MA, MBA and MPhil offered their gratitude to Bhagawan on the evening of 18 Mar 2012 with a variety programme including talks, songs, instrumentals, poetry and dances. The only achievement that the students strive for, they said, is to see a smile on their Master’s face and commenced the programme with that very objective.

The group christened “Shaurya” by Bhagawan way back in their undergraduate days was multi-talented and utilised the opportunity to display the various facets of their talent with the sole objective of making Bhagawan happy.

Starting the programme with “Eka Dantaya…”, they sang many memorable songs like “Kanula Mundara”, “O Nestama”, “Kaise Jiyon” and “Humko Tumse Pyar Kitna”, which took everyone down the path of nostalgia. One student performed a solo on the guitar to a very moving song entitled, “I will cry for you”.

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The songs were interspersed with various students sharing their experiences with Bhagawan as their teacher, their doctor and their parent. To make the love all the more personal, the students spoke in their native tongues spanning the nation linguistically from Telugu to Nepali. Not to be left behind, the institute brass band also performed a unique symphony paying their gratitude in the universal language of Music while the dance boys choreographed to perfection the same sentiment.

Amidst the programme, Bhagawan’s voice thundered sweetly as He mentioned how the students of His university live as brothers while the students outside are subjected to evils like ragging. He mentioned how Education is absolutely free of charge and How he provides scholarships to students who cannot pay even the mess charges. Bhagawan concluded with how He expects all His students to be ideal boys.

All the outgoing students were presented with mementos as gifts from Bhagawan. Being Sunday the days proceedings was brought to a close with a Bhajan sung in the sweet voice of Bhagawan, ‘Subramaniam Subramaniam’.