Colourful Ashadi Morning…

Celebrating auspicious Ashadi Ekadashi, devotees from Maharashtra & Goa presented a colourful morning studded with Dindi Procession, Ganapathi Dance and a Dance Drama entitled Master The Mind Be A Master Mind, today in Prasanthi Nilayam.

The programme commenced at 0830 hrs., after half-an-hour Veda chanting. Symbolic to the age-old tradition of Varkari Yatra to Pandharpur, Abode Of Lord Vitthala, hundreds of devotees have arrived last evening after their Dindi Yatra from Dharmavaram.

Commencing the proceedings men dressed up in typical Maratha style, blowing the conch, carrying the Palanquin Of Lord Vitthala marched into Sai Kulwant Hall, presenting themselves to Bhagawan at the Sanctum Sanctorum. Even as they marched with measured gait, in the backdrop echoed the captivating, enchanting tune of famous Marati song, Hey Oh Vitthale Bhakta Jana Vatsaley…, singing paens of the Lord Of Pandharpur.

A colourful pageantry of Ganapathi Dance by the Youth from Nasik followed invoking the Lord Who has no Over Lord, as discoursed by Bhagawan Himself.

Next to come was a Dance Drama entitled Master The Mind Be A Master Mind by the Bal Vikas children of Mumbai along with the tiny tots from Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Mandir, Dharmakshetra.

The presentation portrayed the plight of modern day man, who is confused, caught up by devilish mind, seeking the ephemeral, dooming himself to perdition. When the illusory mind dies, or is killed, light dawns upon him as Intellectual Wisdom prevails upon making him realise that he is in essence Eternal Atma and not the body as he is often deluded to believe. The protagonist’s transformation from a man trapped in the vagaries of his wretched mind to a man of greater understanding and intellectual wisdom to finally, into an intense seeker was well portrayed bringing lively scenes from normal day-to-day worldly life.

Towards the end, as the protagonist turned towards Bhagawan surrendering himself, tiny tots burst into a colourful dance singing Badhai Ho…Badhai Ho...meaning congratulations! Hailing Beloved Bhagawan, these tiny tots affirmed with greater faith that something extra-ordinary in the history of mankind is in the offing.

The presentation was interlaced with colourful dance sequences. The same theme was presented before Bhagawan during one of His sojourns to the city.

Bhajans by the Maharashtra & Goa devotees followed before Mangala Arathi at 10:00 hrs. All the participants were gifted with special presentations and Prasadam was distributed to the entire assemblage.

In the evening, upcoming singer Geet Sagar and troupe will present a Musical Bouquet at the Sanctum Sanctorum as part of Ashadi Ekadashi celebrations.

II Samasta Lokaha Sukhino Bhavantu II