Oh! The Experience Of Breaking Away!

Jantunam Nara Janma Durlabham (of all living beings, human birth is the rarest) exhorts Bhagawan, urging humanity to head-on to his final destination. Having bestowed upon with this wonderful human birth, to liberate himself, does man really utilise this God-given boon, trying to come out of the illusory, unreal world to reach out to Him? What is that ultimate Bliss of breaking away, escaping from the bony-bars flying free, everafter, reminisces Satyajit urging fellow travellers to break free…a poem from Sanathana Sarathi archives. Sri Satyjit, an alumnus of SSSIHL, is currently heading Team Vidya Vahini.


Experience, Oh Man! The joy of breaking away

Art thou not tired of clinging on night and day?

You search for Happiness, but you cling on.

You crave to be Free, but you cling on.

You want Peace, but my oh my, how you cling on!

You speak of Liberation, but you cling on.


Tear away, Oh Man! From these shackles that bind,

‘Cause if thou see, the only shackle is thy mind.

Who can bind you, what withhold you?

Know that for your bondage, the only cause is you.

Has the world any limbs, that clasps you?

The one that clings is not the world, but you.


Free thyself, Oh Man! Of this madness of I and mine,

And thou shalt find thyself floating in Bliss Divine.

You are so busy entertaining ‘friends’ and endearing ‘relations’,

So engrossed in making money and appeasing passions,

You scant realise you are spiralling down a deep dungeon,

Of worry and misery, pain and separation and final destruction.

Elevate thyself, Oh Man! Beyond the reach of these petty ties


High above this apparent mesh of intertwined lives.

The bird on the tree can fly away, ‘cause ‘tis free,

But the fruit is bound ‘cause ‘tis attached to the tree.

Living in the Present, one is ever Free,

What binds is the Past and the Family tree.


Break free, Oh Man! ‘Cause thou art verily Divine.

Unchain thyself, ‘cause it ain’t thy Destiny to crave and pine

Thy Destiny is to blossom forth thy Divinity,

Not to hanker after this world-so petty.

Thy Destiny is to reach out for the stars,

Not to be jailed in this shell-these bony bars!


II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II