Land Of My Birth I Pledge To Thee

When Mother India stands on the threshold of yet another Independence Day celebrations let every citizen of this sacred Motherland ask a question unto him/herself as to Is India free and Are we ever free? Seeing the appalling life around, marred with chaos and confusion, it is time for the country to stand united, with every citizen re-pledging his/her loyalty, allowing her to shine forth as beacon of hope for a Golden India and thus a Golden World. On the eve of 65th National Independence Day, let’s salute Mother India pledging her all we have,  Life, Love, Passion, Allegiance, Steadfastness, And Everlasting Loyalty…a poem from Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri.

Maa Terey Jaisa Koi Nahi,
Mei Gaya Jahan Bhi,
Bas Teri Hi Yaad Thi,
Sabsey Pyaari Soorat Teri,
Maa Tujhe Salaam…
Sai Maa Tujhe Salaam…
All through the vast expanse of my travels…Lost was I in your memory…Your face remains most precious ever so endearingly…Your love I hold close to me solely…O Mother All Glory Unto Thee…

O Ancient Mother,
Indeed selfless are you like none other,
O Most Benevolent Benefactor of innumerably many,
You extend to all your tender touch,
As such,
You shouldn’t be lonely,
Yet why do I sense the presence,
Of melancholy,
Oh, so tangibly?
Is it something to do with me…?
Something that I have done, not done, left undone,
Or forgotten completely…?
Have I grabbed excessively,
Hoarded selfishly?
Have I looked the other way carelessly,
Uncaringly, Callously,
When called upon by any being who needed me genuinely…?
O Land of my birth,
To wipe your tears I should be,
Aware, alert, responsive,
And ever awake and conscious of my lifelong duty, 
O India, my beloved Country,
O Bharat Mata,
Today, I salute Thee,
O Land of my birth,
I pledge to Thee,
My Life, Love, Passion, Allegiance and Everlasting loyalty…

O Land of my birth,
Indeed you are most compassionate,
And noble upon Earth,
You have always showered your children with plenty,
Nurturing alike all upon your vast bosom,
Like a true mother exhibiting incomparable parity,
Oh, so devotedly…
North, South, East or West,
Each area is adorned by you so distinctively,
An abundance to be shared harmoniously,
Material wealth or Spirituality,
None can rival your vast grandeur,
Nor excel your innate simplicity,
Knowing thus,
Great Masters, numerous Sages and God too,
Have chosen to acknowledge you…
Attracted by your pristine purity,
Incarnations upon your sacred soil,
Have been making an appearance constantly,
Indeed with your hallowed kismet,
None in the Universe can ever compete,
For the Supreme Personality,
Chose an advent as Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai,
To bless you so,
With the touch of His Holy Lotus Feet…

However, in spite of all this,
Upon your countenance I fail to see any kind of bliss…
Is it me…?
When a mother is neglected and unhappy,
The onus is on each child,
To review his/her role in the cause,
The state of her acute disharmony…
Have I been inattentive towards my responsibilities…?
In some unthinkable way have I aided corruption to increase…?
Before pointing a finger, have I been free from violence…?
Have my thoughts, words and deeds reflected non-violence…?
Or have I been overindulging in hoarding, sham and pretense…?
My self-centered ways have I ever tried to mend,
Or have I fallen a prey to manipulation that has no end…?
Can I recognise myself through the layers of superficiality…?
Have I succeeded in burying my conscience,
In the dark abyss of materialism entirely…?
Am I left with even a tiny fragment of morality…?
In the glitziness of ostentatious commercialism,
Have I lost sight,
Of the light in the prism,
Of Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema and Ahimsa,
Due to foggy clime resulting in poor visibility…?

Has compassion and concern for my siblings in creation,
Evaporated totally…?
Just where am I headed,
Where is my gratitude,
How can I change my attitude…?
Have I appalled my dear mother,
This mother who has given,
All of us only unconditional love, nourishment and shelter,
For whom none is a stray..?
Have I in some way,
Caused her dismay…?
By my role,
Albeit minuscule, insignificant and tiny,
In creating an environ of chaos, conflict, confusion and disparity…?
When all she wants is that we,
Her children,
Live in brotherhood, harmony, understanding and unity…

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
I want to restore my mother’s peace and serenity,
Am sure you too want to see her happy,
To dedicate my intentions and efforts I am quite ready,
May I ask you to join in with me,
Let us find out,
How free are we,
How free is she…?
Do we cherish our Motherland truly?
Do we have time to care for India today,
Do we respect and feel for our country?
What do you have to say…?
Is it enough to just stand up,
And sing the National Anthem nonchalantly…?
Is our adoration restricted to our presence,
At the biannual Flag hoisting unconcernedly…?
Or to loudspeakers blaring patriotic songs,

At street corners most casually…?
If her apathetic condition,
Her tears,
At the turmoil upon her soil,
That makes her recoil,
Acute poverty and paucity,
Of courage, compassion, sharing, caring,
The art of right living, of giving and amity,
Her search for valiant sons and daughters,
Who will do her proud,
Ripping apart the indifferent attitude,
And replace it with harmony,
If at all her woes succeed in tugging at your heartstrings,
Giving birth to an overwhelming feeling,
That we have to make a difference,
You and me,
Then together, let one voice ring out unanimously -
O Land of my birth,
To wipe your tears I should be,
Increasingly aware, alert, responsive,
Ever awake and conscious of my lifelong duty, 
O India, my beloved Country,
O Bharat Mata,
Today, I salute Thee,
O Land of my birth,
I pledge to Thee,
My every quality conscientiously,
Along with -
My Life, Love, Passion, Allegiance, Steadfastness,
And Everlasting Loyalty…

Jai Hind.
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu.
Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu.