My Sankalpa Is All-Powerful!

The Bond Of Love between Bhagawan and His ‘students’ is the sweetest and most incomprehensible. What the ‘vanaras’ of the Treta and ‘gopis’ of the Dwapara were privileged, in the Kali age when God descended as Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai, it is undoubtedly His band of ‘students’ who are the most privileged, to whom He has given Himself, guiding and nurturing them, to become the torch-bearers of His mission…and it is an unending saga of love, that is still on…What is that unfathomable Bond and how much Bhagawan expects from His band of students?

Embodiments of Love – Students!
Our students have a pure and sacred heart. They are untouched by pride or selfishness. They are absolutely blemishless.

Exemplary Selflessness and Diligence of Swami’s Students

They may at times commit mistakes but they themselves rectify them. Hence, our students are, in fact, our Central Trust. It is they who are handling the entire work of the Central Trust. Elders are there only to give them guidance and advice, but the actual work is being done by the students. Hence, none can underestimate their capabilities simply because they are young in age. I am standing here only to speak about the selfless work being done by our students, otherwise I had no intention of giving a Discourse. Our students are doing extremely wonderful work and setting everything right. You cannot say they are ordinary students; they are destined to be the main support of the Central Trust in future. The Central Trust is mainly dependant on the students. They are working day and night. One cannot specifically say so and so is working hard; all are equally hard working. Nobody can describe the strength and capabilities of these students.

It is My earnest desire that you should lead the Central Trust, follow the right path and set an ideal to the entire world. The future of the Trust rests on you. Whatever good or bad happens will be the result of your conduct. Hence, the Trust can progress only due to your ideal conduct. It is not money that is important. You should give importance to good work. Wherever you see in the outside world today, you find people craving for money and more money! Money comes and goes, morality comes and grows. You can make progress in life only when you adhere to morality. Hence, make all efforts to cultivate morality. Having been born as a human being, it is but natural for you to have many desires and longings. But these are not permanent; they are merely passing clouds. Do not be carried away by them. You should brush them aside and hold your character high.

Develop Love and Truth
Your work and conduct should set a shining example for others. The ideals set by you will be the source of sustenance for the entire world. Today there is a great advancement in the field of science and technology. But all this is, in fact, “trick-nology”, and not true technology. The feelings that come from your heart are true and eternal. Develop the power of discrimination to know what is true and what is false. Keep aside what is not necessary. Follow that which is true and eternal. The entire work of the Central Trust is your responsibility. Devote your entire time to this sacred task. Make proper use of your time and earn a good name. Not only the work of the Central Trust, but that of its sister trusts also depends upon your conduct.

Do not depend on anybody. Depend only on your Atma Shakti (power of Self). Develop self-confidence. Once you have self-confidence, you will attain everything. True faith will take root in your heart when you develop self-confidence. Then only will you attain true power. This will strengthen love in you. Love is God. It is love which bestows all types of powers on you. Faith strengthens love. Without faith, one cannot have love. Any task, be it small or big, can be performed only through love. Your faith is the basis of your love. But people today have become verily blind having lost both their eyes of faith. Truth is God. Love is God. Live in Love. Therefore, develop both love and truth. When you have love and truth, you can achieve everything in this world. In fact, these are like My two feet. I achieve everything with these two.

Aspire for Guna (virtue), not Dhana (money)
Some time ago, I provided drinking water to the people of Chennai. The problem of water in Chennai had been persisting since the time of the Britishers, who ruled over India. They promised to provide water to Chennai but did not fulfil their promise. Seeing the difficulties faced by the people, I provided water to Chennai. To overcome the scarcity of water in Chennai, we made arrangements to facilitate the flow of water from Krishna river to Chennai. Now every hut in Chennai has access to drinking water. Even the children are jumping with joy, saying, “Sai Baba has provided the ambrosia of water to us.” In this way, I made everybody happy in Chennai. You all know very well that huge amount of money is required for such stupendous projects. But I did not ask anybody to give even a naya paisa. My Sankalpa (Will) is all-powerful. We have no craving for money. We are interested in Guna (virtues) and not Dhana (money). You may not believe but I have to tell this to you that I am spending crores of rupees every month. This fact is very well known to Chakravarthi because he is the one through whom the payments are being made. Someone has to be there to do this work. Swami Himself can do everything but still some help is needed. That is why we have established the Central Trust and entrusted the responsibility of its functioning to its members.

You can attain anything if only you have love. There is no wealth greater than love. Hence, develop love. You don’t need to ask anybody for anything. Love will supply everything to you and you will lack nothing. Develop love through right means. Do not follow the wrong path. Do not resort to falsehood or injustice. Do not give up forbearance because forbearance is most important. Unfortunately, there is a lack of unity among the Bharatiyas today. You may have everything, but if you have no unity, you cannot have purity. One who lacks purity cannot attain divinity. For divinity, purity is essential. All your desires and aspirations will be fulfilled if you have purity and divinity.

Saha Navavatu, Saha Nau Bhunaktu, Saha Veeryam Karavavahai,
Tejaswi Navadhitamastu,
Ma Vidvishavahai.
(Oh Lord! Protect and nourish us both (preceptor and disciple) together. We may attain energy and effulgence from our study together. We may not hate each other.)

Students! My mind is always focused on you only. In fact, I can’t exist without you. I am here because of you; you are here because of Me. You and I are one. We are not separate from each other. Never feel disappointed thinking, “Swami is not talking to me.” Be happy and do your work with dedication.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II