When the Divine Magnet Pulls?!?…

Can man ever stay away from the Mighty Lord, Who Is verily The Divine Magnet That pulls the right one at the right time, unto Him? In fact, No prayer is left unheard and unanswered. What matters is ‘time’, and to some destined ones, God reveals Himself, at the right moment, showing glimpses of His reality. Read on such an instance from the book, The Wish Fulfilling Tree by Mario Mazzoleni.

A small party decided to stop in Puttaparthi, after having passed a holiday in an island of the Indian Ocean. In this company there was also a woman who did not share the choice of that spiritual excursion, but, pressed by collective needs, she reluctantly underwent the consequences. When they reached Puttaparthi, the breaking points and inconveniences of this locality sharpened the aversion of the lady, who in vain mourned the days upon the white beaches of the island. Not many days had gone by, when Sai Baba received the group. In the interview room the woman, who in spite of herself was involved in the event, sought refuge in a little corner, hoping to pass unobserved and waiting for it all to finish as quickly as possible. She watched without any interest the entrance of Swami, Who, having sat upon His armchair, asked the translator to refer to the woman that in her life there had been a precise period in which she had asked for Him.

The woman readily replied: “It cannot be. In my life I have never sought to meet with a person like him.”

Swami made a second request to the translator and then a third: “Tell her that two years and three months ago, she had looked for Me intensely.” The woman started to falter and tried to break off the guessing game, nervously reassuring the translator that it was mathematically impossible.

“Ask her – Swami continued – if she does not remember that night in which it was pouring down with rain… that bridge… that tree… that river….”

At this point, the woman started to frown, paled and then took on colour again; then once again she was startled by that memory. She admitted having passed a night in desperation and, in that sad difficult moment, cried out loud: “God! Where are You?” The woman now perceived Who might be He Who was describing a past which she herself had forgotten.