Saved by a Photograph…

God, Who verily responds to a sincere prayer seeking His Divine protection, does come to the aid of a devotee, apparently without any direct calling. Call it great good fortune or a gentle tap from the Greater Heaven, bailing him out of an apparent danger, God does it while remaining behind the curtain, projecting His mysterious visiting cards…an interesting episode from Sri KR Vasudevan, formerly Editor, Dinamani Kadir, Chennai.

A taxi driver had once asked him for a photograph of Bhagawan. So, Vasudevan got one, had it framed and took it to his office for the taxi driver to collect. But, the taxi driver never turned up and the photograph remained in the office.

One day, when the Editor was alone, a furious visitor walked into the office. Purple with rage, the man announced in a loud voice that he was there to settle scores with Vasudevan for what he termed as affront to his family dignity. His outrage was caused by something printed in the Dinamani Kadir magazine.

Vasudevan saw that the enraged man intended violence. He explained that the offending article pertained to the distant past and was factually correct. He also admitted the possibility of it having an effect on the good name of the man’s family. He said he was sorry about it and quietly added, “You see, if you still feel hurt and want revenge, let me send away the peon who is the only other person here. Then, whatever you do, there won’t be any witness, there will be no one to testify to your actions except, of course, Baba there.” And saying, he pointed to Bhagawan’s photograph on the wall. As the man stared at the photograph, Vasudevan calmly added, “Now, proceed with whatever you want to do with me!… Maybe, you are right about the material we have printed. Anyway, it is too late to remedy the situation. So do what you want.”

The man stared alternatively at the Editor and the photograph and then, abruptly, turned on his heels and left.

“Is this not a miracle of Baba? A miracle performed by just a photograph of Him. What a transformation He caused in the attitude of the violent caller. If a photograph can do this, what can we say about the impact of Baba’s physical presence?”