Playing the game of football in every day life with Bhagawan’s teachings as the base, one can march on daringly facing the rivals, the ill-famed six finally to put the right foot out and shoot…to the goal, the fulfilment…a poem from the archives of Sanathana Sarathi…

Who is on whose side? Watch the field open eyed!
The thing called ‘living’—this is the game!
The world is the ground on which it is played;
Whom should you have as team-mates true?
Choose Sathya, Dharma, Shanti and Prema too
Then, boldly face the rivals daring you—
The ill-famed six, the hefty gang,
Krodha, Moha, etcetera, their captain Kama
Clad in jerseys, Aham-hued! Be calm.
Your guide Viveka umpires the play;
His every whistle, at once obey!
Don’t kick the ball beyond the crease
Of Dharma or of Brahma, please!
Don’t yield the ball and bow
To the antics of the foe;
But, put your right foot out, and …… shoot!
‘Tis goal! ……… ‘Tis Moksha! You have won!
Here is Sri Sathya Sai granting you
The golden shield ….. ‘Fulfilment’
And awarding you as reward,
The medal,

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II