Believing Is Seeing…

‘Seeing is believing’ – I always believed in this statement right till early 1999. Then came the day – 14-Jan-1999, when I realized that ‘Believing Is Seeing’ …especially in the Divine realm (and seeing isn’t believing) writes Sri Nitin Acharya sharing one of the profound lessons he learnt at His Divine Lotus Feet, on this very day.

On 11-Jan -1999, The Sports Meet events took place as usual except an apparently small ‘glitch’ (if we could call it so) right in the beginning around 7 in the morning. While entering the stadium, Swami was standing in a silver chariot, waving both His hands, blessing all the devotees assembled in the ladies side of the gallery. Quite unexpectedly, the chariot came to a halt with a small jerk. Swami (seemingly) ‘lost’ His balance and landed on the seat softly. Seat was well cushioned with no sharp carvings or anything that would hurt the physical frame of Bhagawan.We were all alert and in a fraction of a second, Swami was ‘assisted’ to stand once again and the chariot started ‘rolling’ behind the Brass Band towards the Shanti Vedika , the stage from which Swami would watch the sporting event.

All campuses made their offerings and presentations as usual. After all the presentations, Swami got up, went down to the ground (morning as well as in the evening) blessing the children with group photo sessions. After the ground event, Mandir darshan and other activities too took place as usual. On Makara Sankranthi, i.e. On 14-Jan-1999, during His Divine discourse Bhagawan described the whole incident.

A boy was destined to fall and break his backbone but Swami took this on Himself. He underwent the pain and agony which the boy was destined to undergo for the rest of his life.

Now, let me tell you how I perceived the whole event…during and after…

On 11-Jan-1999, I believed in what I saw. As I mentioned earlier, it was just a small episode worth to be ignored. It was similar to our experience when we get up from our seat to take the wallet out for a ticket and driver applies brakes and we land on our seat… a momentary embarrassment and then the joyful journey continues. So, everyone who assembled there, including those who were next to the chariot, ignored the same and got engrossed in watching the Sports Meet.

So, I did not initially believe in the way swami described the whole episode in His discourse. For, neither me nor anyone else saw even a single drop of blood on 11th morning.

Then came the lesson from none other than Swami Himself! Swami called Sro Narasimhamurthy garu, then wardern – Brindavan campus) inside the interview room. I was about to close the door, Swami called me too inside. Bhagawan had already scanned my thoughts and feelings. Warden became emotional and expressed his pain after knowing the pain and agony which Swami went through for the sake of a student or for that matter the entire humanity in general. This is just one among many such events in the past in the life of Swami.

Then Swami looked at me…pulled His sleeves and to our sheer astonishment we saw cuts and gashes deep into the skin and blood clots all over. I was aghast. Swami said“ This is just a small fraction; there are wounds, bruises and bandages all over My body. My back-bone was in pieces on that day. It would have been fatal for that boy. So, I saved him.“

What I was seeing was totally unexpected and against my old beliefs. It sent a chill down my spine. His methods are mind-blowing, beyond our human perceptions, cannot be comprehended by five senses of action and perception.

I understood that we have to believe in whatever Swami says. “I am Sathya…whatever I speak Is Truth.. Truth which either happened in the past or would happen certainly in future.“ Swami is Trinetradhari.. He sees the past, the present and the future with His three eyes.

Swami was the Savior for that boy on that day of 11-Jan-1999. The boy played just a symbolic role. It was a Divine Drama to save the entire humanity.

Journey of Life has just four steps to climb… 1) Self-confidence, 2) Self-satisfaction, 3) Self-sacrifice and 4) Self-realization.

We struggle, toggle and spend our entire life on either of the first two steps. We are like frog in a well that jumps up a step and then slips down, whereas God in Human form descends down from the highest state and lives the Life of ‘Self-Sacrifice” for the sake of His creation. God in Human form is like a Swan or a Dove, a harbinger of Purity and Peace, Love and effulgence, Union and Transformation.

“Why Fear when I am here“… “My Life is My message” – Baba.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II