“I Live For You…”

A friend for all sans discrimination of any kind, Bhagawan is the True Friend for all reasons and seasons, holding every one of us eternally, caring with His all conquering Motherly Love, guiding each and every being through the ocean of life beyond many lives. We have felt ‘this touch’ many a time in this life sojourn, especially at times when our boats were in danger of sinking. Let’s tune in, listening to His Divine Whisper of love and assurance…a poem by Ms Nupur Chaudhuri.

Our boat was sinking, or so we felt,
We closed our eyes,
And before You, we knelt,
With a wave of Your hand,
You calmed the storm,
In a flash of events,
You took away the tears, the mourn.

We were drowning, or so we thought,
But the touch of Your hand,
Was enough to bring our fears to a naught,
You didn’t let a drop splash upon our person,
You came to save us,
Just when we were beginning to think our lot would worsen.

The darkness kept creeping on us, or so we assumed,
‘Where is God when we need Him?’ we fumed,
And then You whispered, ‘Why fear when I am here?’
Our eyes opened,
And there You were standing ever so near,
And we saw a light, of a most wondrous hue,
It surrounded us,
And then became You.

We were falling, crashing, hurtling down, or so we imagined,
We could see the sinister rocks below,
We could hear our screams, the din,
We clenched our fists,
And shut our eyes,
We tried to subdue our fear, our cries,
We tried to show courage, but in vain,
And in our panic,
We even forgot to call out Your name.
Still, the crash never came.

Our eyes opened,
And instead of deathly rocks,
We lay on a bed of love,
We looked straight up at Your smiling face above,
And You said in a voice of unmatched love and kindness,
‘My dear child, you may forget me, but how can I?

I live for you,
For your happiness.
Even when you are not looking,
I’m standing right there,
Even when you don’t feel it,
You’re enveloped in My armour of love and care.

Pain and sorrow are a part of life,
But look once towards Me,
And I’ll give you joy,
That’s unchallenged by trouble or strife,
For you may not know it,
But I’ve descended to love you,
A love that’s the deepest of deep, and the truest of true…’

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II