If you waste your time enjoying the pleasures of life during your youth, wasting the power of your body and your sense organs, then if you want to reach your goal of merging with the Lord in your old age, you may not get that chance said Bhagawan once exhorting devotees to understand the preciousness of time. When time waste becomes life waste, knowing very well that we have to pay for being slack, how should man deal with time making the best of it…a poem from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri.


Unknown to us all,

The light found its way through,

Could have been some of the ignorant few,

Unaware of His presence on Earth,

A life of no worth,

Vain would have been this birth…


So why did He choose to let us know?

Why a peep at this Endless Treasure House in store?

He didn’t wake us up for us to go back to sleep,

And weep,

At the time lost due to careless inertness,

Oh! What grief, Oh! What stress,

We looked the other way,

When the Master did us bless…


No amount of lament can bring time back,

Time smirks and we pay for being slack,

Youth is the time to invest,

Energy, enthusiasm and ideas are at their best,

Must we languish when we can fly free?

As Bhagawan says: Start early,  Drive slowly, Reach safely….


II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II