Devaki Nandan…Easwari Nandan

What would you like to become, if given a chance, for the God? asked Bhagawan once and the answer also came from Him…that one should aspire to become a flute…like the blessed flute in the Hands Of Lord Krishna… the hollow reed with seven holes through which He blew His breath, oozing Music Divine!!! …emulating the illustrious Radharani when every devotee aspire to become a ‘Radha’ immense are the vistas for him or her to become ‘that’ for Bhagawan Krishna… personification of Supreme Love…Beauty… Sri Jullie Chaudhuri sings her heart out, expressing feelings for Beloved Krishna! A poem on the occasion of the Advent of Bhagawan Sri Krishna!


Sometimes I become the tree,

Against which Beloved Krishna,

Does lean,

As the cows graze peacefully,

In pastures green,

Oh, what bliss to be present,

In Sweet Vrindavan,

At the same time,

As Nandanandanan…


Enchanting melody fills the air,

Celestial beings watch,

Struck mute,

As the Lord,

Continues to mesmerize,

All around,

I become in His hands,

His delightful flute…


Birds sing sweetly,

Peacocks dance gaily,

Myriad hued flowers,

Spread their heady fragrance around,

Gopala and His friends,

Frolic and play,

I am the grass they trample upon,

That precious ground…

Oh, what grace,

To be in Vrindavan,

At the same time as,

Mother Yashoda’s Son…


Torrential rain and a mighty storm,

For days did linger,

Indra’s wrath and fury,

All did incur,

Merciful Giridhari lifted,

Govardhan on His little finger,

As all ran helter-skelter,

I became a calf,

Who received this,

Divine shelter…


The Gopis knew Krishna,

To be the only Purusha,

All other beings for them,

Were Prakriti,

It was this Supreme knowledge,

That set them apart,

And free,

In their mind, body, heart,

And soul,

Only Krishna did have a seat,

And so, when they walked about,

I became the dust,

Beneath their feet…

Oh, what fortune,

To be around,

At the same time as,

Vasudev – Devaki Nandan…


Radharani wept tears,

Of pain and anguish,

To overcome her grief,

She had no power,

She questioned the birds,

And the bees about Krishna,

And each and every flower,

Oh, how she longed for Krishna,

Piteously she did cry,

As she held on to the branch,

Of a tree,

I was the leaf that received,

The breath of her Divine sigh…

Oh, what fulfillment,

To be around in Vrindavan,

At the same time as,

Radhika Mohan…


And then, the self same Krishna,

Did incarnate as,

Sathya Sai,

And for His childhood Leelas,

The bhoomi of Puttaparthi,

Did He choose,

The Universe rejoiced,

In this most exhilarating news,

He has incarnated once again,

For transformation of man,

And removal of grief and pain,

With a message of Sathya, Dharma,

Prema, Shanti, Ahimsa…

A magnet of pure love,

Attracting devotees from near and afar,

Celestial beings shower Him,

With many a fragrant flower…


What I become,

I now leave it,

To Him to decide,

Just long to have Him,

By my side,

Now, Prashanti Nilayam,

Is Sweet Vrindavan…

Oh, what grace to be around on Earth,

At the same time as,

Easwaramma Nandan…

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II