The Hallowed Path!!!

How much are we inspired by His hallowed presence? …how much are we into practising His precepts? with life sending myriad moments in our way, granting us an opportunity to grow, man has to take every precaution to raise himself up making his life His Message…writes Sri Jullie Chaudhuri. (extracted from Sri Sathya Sai Newsletter, Pune)


Maya so annamatti yo vipasyati yah praniti ya i srnotyuktam
Amantavo mam ta upa kshiyanti srudhi sruta sraddhivam te vadami

Through My essence alone all eat the food that helps them see, breathe and hear the spoken word. Though not aware of Me, they all dwell in Me solely. They who have no faith in Me court disaster. Oh! Learned Listener, listen, to what I say from inside your Soul. For I proclaim the Truth through the words I speak to you…these words deserve your trust…have faith in it.
Ahameva svayam idam vadami jushtam devebhir uta manushebhih
It is I Who announces the tidings that the gods and men alike rejoice to hear.

-   Devi Suktam (Vak Sukta…Vak Ambhrini and Her Song of the Soul)

Are you really leading an inspired life,
Whatever the tide…the rough ride…whatsoever the strife…?
Are you being true to the inner you…?
Does your life reflect the effect of ‘inner view’…?
Is the Master only a picture frame for you…?
Or does His essence resonate through the picture…to you…
…and all those around you…?
…then why don’t you choose to surround yourself…
…with the Master’s voice…
…the sound…within you…
…that constantly resounds as your conscience true…

Myriad are the moments life sends our way…and in myriad ways indeed we can grow, if only we subdue the flames of pride, ego and arrogance that are fanned by the breeze of greed and self indulgence…with the still calm of sincere affection, humility, forgiveness, acceptance and appreciation.
With every step if we realise the Master’s Presence as the Supreme Reality…
With every breath if we know the truth that He watches over all that we do…
…if only we had a clue…

Wouldn’t we be utterly conscious how we tread…what we think, say or do…? 
So much our precious Lord has given us…what have we to offer Him in return?
The reply to every question lies within us…as does the answer to every quest.
The Lord seeks nothing material from us…what offering, then, would please Him?
Is it a surrender of all that we are and our willingness to become what He wants us to be…? 
Is it an affirmation of our desire for transformation? 
That every salutation we offer Him exudes an earnest appeal? 
That each time, in hushed awe, when we utter His sacred name we do so in the hope of setting an example exemplary? 
That each flower we place at His Lotus Feet is a blossom that seeks to spread His fragrance everywhere?

Each obeisance re-establishes a vow to intensify efforts to enhance noble qualities, to steer away from self to selflessness…to divinise every moment…to rediscover the joy of kindred oneness…to behold Him in all that we see…to revive the spirit of camaraderie…to lovingly practice expansive love…to consciously serve Him in all of creation while intoning Samastha Jeeva Sukhino BhavantuSamastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…to Help Ever, Hurt Never…to understand the word ‘all’ that was so distinctly and eternally redefined by Him, when He, the Supreme Absolute, the Ultimate Reality, during His present advent as Sri Sathya Sai exhorted such a simple yet profound decree upon each and every devotee – Love All, Serve All. So too, must we live and let live…grow and let go…if we cannot help we must not hurt, block or dissuade others as they endeavour to reach out…in response to a distress call be it from man, woman, child, bird, beast or plant…Motherland, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, the elements five or the Universe itself!
This is the hallowed path shown by Beloved Bhagawan. 
It is time enough to realise that we adore and worship Him true only when we, in totality, follow His proclamation through.