Chitravati Laments…

Chitravati, the river that flows along Puttaparthi, is the chosen one by The Avatar Of The Age, Who blessed her with frequent visits during His teen days and even later.  She has been His favourite and her tales of momentous moments with Beloved Bhagawan are exhilarating, an ideal story of Divine Romance.  For a nostalgic peep when we revisit her sanctified banks, we could easily hear her cry, lamenting for His Return for those thrilling moments! Read a poem by Dr. MVN Murthy…from Sanathana Sarathi archives…

Why has Sai abandoned me?

It’s decades since I touched His Lotus Feet

O, those soft and holy Feet!

Is He angry, my friends? Some mistake I made?

I just can’t remember when or how!

Will you, dear friends, plead for me?


My heart aches when I brood o’er the past,

He came on foot with devotees young and old,

I could hear His laughter, even from afar.

“Choose any place on Chitravati sands!”

His mirthful, blissful, vibrant voice.

He would sing Bhajans as He alone can!


He would pile up a heap of my beautiful sand

Dig into the mound with His fingers, deep!

And behold! Splendorous icons—

­Dattatreya, Ram, Lakshmi, Shyam!

On Vaikuntha Ekadasi, nectar Divine.

My sands He would turn into the Holy Gita.


How blessed I felt, when my barren sands

His touch Divine could transmute into gold!

The only Alchemist the World has ever seen!


How long could I bear this separation?

I wept so much my tears flowed in spate.

I surged beyond my bounds and banks

In desperation I rolled as far as the Nilayam gates

To touch and feel the Lotus Feet!


“Amma, Bangaroo, go back, my child!”

How sweet and kind and compassionate!

My Lord! He let me touch His sweet little Feet!

“Play the game; don’t break your bounds!”

He blessed me with Darshan, Sparshan, Sambhashan!”

But, that was long, so long ago!

When will He come again, dear friends?

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II