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Onam celebrations begin…

A programme by SRP,  Sri Sathya Sai Rehabilitation Programme for the post operative cardiac patients followed by a ‘Bhajan Sandhya’ marked the first evening of the three-day Onam festival here in Prasanthi Nilayam today. read more »

Radha and Krishna…Becoming and Being

Friday, 13th September 2013, is being celebrated as Sri Radharani’s Appearance Day…Lord’s supreme-most devotee, Who is verily ‘Bhakti’ incarnated…After the Lord Krishna sojourn, when the Formless took on the form of Lord Sai Krishna, within every being lies dormant the ‘Radha-bhav’ writes Sri Jullie Chaudhuri singing paeans to Radha Krishna on the auspicious occasion of Radhashtami. read more »

Ganeshas retreat in Prasanthi…

Devotional frenzy marked the Wednesday evening when scores of Ganeshas marched to the Seat Of The Divine in Sai Kulwant Hall paying obeisance to Divine Father and Mother, Sai Easwara before retreating for the ceremonial immersion. read more »

Musical Offering by Jayakumar…

A musical offering – Sai Pushpanjali – by Sri Jayakumar marked the second evening of the ongoing Ganesh Chaturthi festival here in Prasanthi Nilayam yesterday. read more »

Looking Back…

An article published by Bhavan’s Journal in 1975 giving an analytical judgement of the Phenomenon called Sathya Sai Baba holds good even today after 36 winters, when we are into the 87h year of His Advent. Recapping those glorious days, of trudging the road with Sai Baba for 28 years, Prof N Kasturi summed up calling Him “The Inscrutable”. Read on… read more »

Ganesh Chaturthi…

9 September, Prasanthi Nilayam: Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi students from SSSIHL offered a musical offering yesterday in Praasnthi Nilayam. The programme commenced at 0820 hrs. after 20-mts of Rudram chanting. The half-an-hour programme had some of the Ashtakams of Lord Vinayaka followed by some keertans… read more »

Sathya Sai Darshanam – The Beauty Beyond Compare!!!

Fri, Sep 10, 2010: Indonesia, the land with great cultural heritage, land of many islands, has come as a group on a Parthi Yathra. …And, the evening was earmarked for the island nation to celebrate the joy of the Advent of 85 years of Divine sojourn. read more »

Sathya Sai Darshanam – The Beauty Beyond Compare!!!

This day, 8 September 2010, nature had her backdrop set with inclement weather prevailing over, and even as Prasanthi continued with her ‘penance’ invoking The Lord, youth brigade from the neighbouring Himalayan Kingdom was ready with a bouquet of devotional offerings. read more »

Sai Sannidhi celebrates Bond Of Love!

The Seat Of The Divine in the hallowed Prasanthi precincts that witnessed innumerable tales of Bond Of Love between Bhagawan and His students witnessed yet another one last evening as ‘Sai Sannidhi’ the alumni forum of former students read more »

Tanno Dantih Prachodayat…

After an interlude, it is time to rejoice welcoming the Prime Deity, Lord Ganesha, The Lord Whom Bhagawan often refers to as The Lord Without an Over Lord. When the festivity, Ganesh Chaturthi, returns to Prasanthi Nilayam with great devotional fervour, let us bask in His glory propitiating Lord Ganesha’s benevolent blessings…a poem from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri. read more »