An Absolute Encounter!!!

How wonderful are the ways of Bhagawan… calling His devotees, acknowledging His devotee of His protecting grace… He alone is the script writer and director…always donning the lead role… doing the right thing at the right time for the right person. An interesting tale from the life of Viswajith Singh of Allahabad…from Sanathana Sarathi, March 1980.

I went to Whitefield on 30th of June 1979 to meet the Principal “Sri Sathya Sai Arts, Science and Commerce College.” I reached there at about 11 A.M. and went to the Principal’s office, but found that he had gone out and would come only on Monday. The day I went to see the Principal was Saturday. Then I went to bus station to catch the bus for Bangalore. When I went to bus station I found that the next bus would come at 12.30 P.M. So I went inside the Ashram because I was in very severe tension, and wanted a quiet place. So I went and sat behind the closed Information Office.

As I was sitting I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. I looked back and saw clearly Baba standing behind me with an evergreen smile on His face. I neglected Him, because I thought I was dreaming. I could not believe it, because Baba was at Puttaparthi at that time.

I again felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. This time as I looked behind Baba said, “Tum Bahut Pareshan Hota Hai, Utho, Utho,” (You are you worrying so much? Get up, Get up.) I could not believe my eyes but, stood, because it was Baba’s order. I was fully taken aback. I became nervous too. Baba then said, “Admission Ke Liye Aya Hai? Abhi Tum Vapas Ghar Jao! Jab Swami Tum Ko Bulayega Tab Tum Ayega. Swami Tum Ko Puttaparthi Me Hi Bulayega. Abhi Tum Vapas Apne Ghar Jao.” (You have come for admission. You go back home. Come only when Swami calls you. Swami will call you at Puttaparthi itself. You go back to your home)

Then I said that I wanted to get admission now only. Hearing this Baba said, “Abhi Swami Tum Ko Nahi Bulayega. Abhi Vapas Ghar Jao. Jab Swami Bulayega Tum Aana.” (Swami will not call you just now. Return home. When Swami calls you, only then come). I again asked the same thing and Swami again gave me the same answer.

Then I asked why He called me from Lucknow. He said, “Tum Ko Jis Kam Se Swami Ne Bulaya Tha, Woh Kam Pura Ho Gaya Hai. Ab Tum Ghar Jao.” (The work for which Swami had called you has been completed. Now, you return home). He further said, “Tumhari Ma Ko Kabhi Kabhi Pet Me Taklif Hoti Hai.” (Your mother suffers from stomach pain off and on). I said that I did not know. He said, “Accha, Accha.” (Yes, Yes). Saying this He produced Kum Kum and told me to give it to my mother. Then He asked me, “Aaj Swami Ke Charan Nahi Chuyega.” (Today, would you not touch the Lotus Feet of Swami.) I fell down at His Lotus Feet at once and when I got up, Swami had disappeared. If there had been no Kum Kum in my hand I would have thought it as a dream, but my hand was full of Kum Kum. So I had to believe it. After that I went back to Bangalore and Lucknow. My mother who was very ill has become normal. Afterwards, Swami did call me for admission in the newly started College at Puttaparthi.